PPAP Star, Collaborating With BigBang, Will Conquer Spain with Sushi

TOKYO (September 24, 2018) - PIKOTARO, famous for PPAP, never slows his momentum! Guess what! Now, he appears in a surprise flash mob in V.I's (from BIGBANG) new single “WHERE R U FROM,” from his new album “THE GREAT SEUNGRI.” When “PPAP” became a hit after its release the year before last, V.I quickly started doing a PPAP impersonation during the BIGBANG stadium tour. Ever since PIKOTARO heard that story, he has wanted to return the favor to V.I. Therefore he accepted this offer to make a surprise appearance. For the video shoot, he memorized V.I's dance routine step for step.


PIKOTARO released the nostalgic Japanese videogame-themed anime version music video of “Can you see? I'm SUSHI,” in addition to the Tokyo travel version. This anime version music video has enjoyed great popularity after being on aired on NHK, the Japanese national public broadcasting network, and finally, it's on YouTube too! Please check it out!

Can you see? I'm SUSHI~NHK Minna no Uta ver.~ / PIKOTARO

Now PIKOTARO is taking his SUSHI to Spain! He is scheduled to perform “Can you see? I'm SUSHI,” at “Japan Weekend Madrid” (https://japanweekend.com/madrid/) in Madrid on September 29th and 30th!

During his visit at Madrid, PIKOTARO will be appearing on the popular late-night show with Andreu Buenafuente on Late Motiv! (http://latemotiv.com/). He is looking forward to his visit and saying “Muchas gracias España!!”

Aside from the above, here is an interesting special interview entitled, “Pikotaro and PPAP - Creating the Phenomenon” by the producer of PIKOTARO, Kosaka Daimaou, the general manager of PIKOTARO, Terutomo Shiratori and the chief manager, Masanori Arai, and they revealed the behind-the-scenes story of how the hit was made!

【INTERVIEW】 PIKOTARO and PPAP - Creating the Phenomenon.

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