Compass of Dei Gratia -On the Fifth Day- Coming Soon in English Via Kickstarter by Lemnisca

(LOS ANGELES, CA - June 5, 2019) - Trapped in a submarine 700 meters below the surface - a suspenseful deep-sea mystery unfolds! Originally released for PC on August 16, 2015 at Comiket 88, Compass of Dei Gratia -On the Fifth Day- is a riveting suspense tale created by the talented novice doujin circle Catalyst. Localization company Lemnisca has announced that they will be localizing this sci-fi title into English to be enjoyed by audiences in the West via Steam for PC.

A Kickstarter will be launching in Late Q3 2019 in order to fund the localization costs, as well as the production of exclusive physical copies for the visual novel. With this Kickstarter, there will be exciting stretch goals for a number of enhancements including a Nintendo Switch port and new CGs/illustrations. An homage to the popular visual novel Ever17 -the out of infinity-, Compass of Dei Gratia -On the Fifth Day- is sure to enthrall readers with a 25+ hour storyline.


August 1st, 2033 - A deep-sea cruise submarine sinks to the bottom of the murky ocean floor approximately 700 meters below the surface. 50 lives are lost in an instant with the remaining few passengers left to figure out the path to their survival.

But in the depths of the vast ocean, there lurks an unimaginable threat.

An eternal loop of records and memories amid countless unanswered questions.

By what means could those girls have escaped the depths of the sea alive?
Can these fragments of “two survivors” save them all in the end?

Perhaps if other choices are made, the future will be changed.
Who lives, who dies, you will be the one that decides.

This is a novel with no set answer.

● 20-25+ hours of playtime.
● Three different endings to uncover.
● Suspense and mystery visual novel set in a tense yet thrilling environment.

More exciting features such as an official Nintendo Switch port and additional artwork enhancements can be added to the English localization of Compass of Dei Gratia -On the Fifth Day- via stretch goals during the Kickstarter campaign.

Lemnisca LLC ( is a Japanese to English media localization company founded in 2015. It particularly specializes in the localization of video games, and since its founding, has provided the localizations for several notable visual novels, including Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition, Dies irae -Interview with Kaziklu Bey-, and the upcoming Raging Loop.

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