'REGALILIA', the First Virtual YouTuber Idol Metal-Type of Group, Made Their Official Debut as the Second Group from the Palette Project with its 1st Showcase

After the virtual idol project, the『Palette Project』started, the second group, 『REGALILIA』was officially formed and made its debut with its 1st showcase on Saturday 27th June.

REGALILIA is an unusual metal group among virtual idols. Among the members, there is a newcomer, Ayumu Kitami who has just made her debut in June, in addition to Yura Tohsaka and Kyoka Eba.
At their debutantes live concert, they performed their first original tune, 『Creation』.
The archive video of their live debut was released on the Palette Project YouTube Channel.
We are going to have various activities on lives and broadcasts from now on.

【Event outline】
Date & Time: Saturday 27th June 19:00 ~20:00 at REALITY.
Concept: Online live

【Set List】
M2 Mizuchi-no-Miko (Dragon Sorceress )
M3 only my railgun ~arranged for metal~
M4 Rohningyo-no-yakata ("THE HOUSE OF WAX")
M5 Sohzoh (Creation)
M6 Same as above

◎Members of REGALILIA
.Yura Tohsaka (@tohsakayura)
.Kyouka Eba (@ebakyouka)
.Ayumu Kitami (@kitamiayumu)

◎Release information

A debut single 『Creation』
Lyrics and Music by YOSHIHIRO (@Hire­_Hire)
Scheduled to be released this summer.

◎Archive videos

[Cover]Mizuchi no Miko by Onmyoza

only my railgun METAL COVER


“Creation” 1st original single of REGALILIA


Official HP: http://matereal.jp

Palette Project YouTube: https://www.YouTube.com/channel/UC cCW1xmXwRFp1tX-RD2X1Q/

Palette Project Fan community: https://fanicon.net/fancommunities/1988

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/Alt Vtuber

◎What is the Palette Project?

It is a virtual youtuber idol project which is actively engaged with the concept of 「Making virtual more “realistic” and colorful」. 「PalePro」is the nickname for the 「Palette Project」.

We have a hope behind the name that various colors are mixed to create new colors, the colors overlap like a rainbow to look beautiful and more dreams for each person can be fulfilled.

The present 9 members are as follows.
Kurara Akatsuki, Rona Nanami, Yura Tohsaka, Kotoha Fujimiya, Kaname Tokiwa, Kohane Kamina, Eko Amagasaki, Kyouka Eba and Ayumu Kitami.

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