Go on a Royal Adventure with Cross Infinite World's License of 'Hey! You've Kidnapped the Wrong Royal!' Light Novel

REDDING, CA (1/27/2021) – Cross Infinite World is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Hey! You've Kidnapped the Wrong Royal! by Takumi Otaki and Fshima, a comedy-filled fantasy light novel that starts from a case of mistaken identity!

My Brother Can't Be Cuter Than ME!
One day, the Demon Lord barged into the palace and, instead of kidnapping the rightful princess Alice, he took Jean, her stunningly gorgeous brother! Alice, alongside her butler Seb and sibling duo Hatta and Haigha set out for the Demon Lord's castle. Her goal: not to rescue Jean but—in her own words—smack some sense into the Demon Lord for even daring to think Jean was the cuter one! Meanwhile, Jean and the Demon Lord are getting along well...maybe a little too well.

Will Alice be able to defend her feminine pride? Follow her questionable adventures in this gag-filled fantasy novel!

Hey! You've Kidnapped the Wrong Royal! will be available digitally on March 15th, 2021 for $7.99. You can pre-order your copy through Amazon now: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08V3SCHSN

©Takumi Otaki 2018 Illustration / Fshima

ABOUT CROSS INFINITE WORLD: With an ever-growing need for more shoujo and josei titles in English, Cross Infinite World has taken the unique approach of working directly with authors, mangaka, and artists in Japan to bring their works to an English market. More information on this series as well as our other exciting light novels and manga can be found at www.crossinfworld.com.

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