Evangelion Returns to The Battle Cats With All-new Content

The Evangelion crossover event returns to The Battle Cats with tons of new content!

PONOS is excited to announce the return of a worldwide hit crossover event as their hit tower-defense app The Battle Cats and beloved anime series Evangelion once again join forces starting March 1st 2021 at 11:00am and continuing until March 15th at 11:00am. This week-long crossover event in The Battle Cats app will include a new series of top-tier heroes based on the terrifying Angels of the Evangelion series, alongside spectacular themed maps based on memorable scenes from the anime and all-new expert challenges for master Cat generals!

This updated version of the Battle Cats & Evangelion crossover event includes an all-new capsule set, Evangelion 2nd Strike! Players who draw from this set might pick up new Uber Rare hero Night Oracle Rei, or even one of Evangelion's otherworldly Angels in an adorable(?) Cat-ified form! Plus, the return of the original Evangelion Collab Capsules set, offering players the chance to collect towering Evangelions as Uber Rare heroes for their Cat Army. Drawing from either set can also earn users any of the Super Rare and Rare collab heroes from this crossover event, including the new Kaworu Cat unit.

After picking up a new crew of awesome Evangelion heroes, test them out on incredible Evangelion maps offering big rewards. From day one of the event, challenge the "Evangelion Activates" map for a chance to collect Shinji & Cat at stage clear! Then, test your skill at the daily Angel challenges Decisive Battle, The 9th Angel Strikes!, The 10th Angel Strikes, or the ultimate challenge Unit-13 Strikes! Clear each stage for a chance at useful power-ups or to unlock even more incredible Eva-themed characters!

You can also send the brave adventurers of your Cat Army's Gamatoto expedition to explore the unknown reaches of Tokyo III in search of treasure and Cat Food, in event-only expedition areas “NERV HQ” and “Near Third Impact”!

Plus, visit your Cat Base each day during the event to collect Login Stamp rewards offering bigger and better prizes with each new stamp collected, like limited hero Gendo & Fuyutsuki Cats on Day 5. These prizes are only available during the Evangelion event alongside special Catnip Challenge missions!

Starting with the 1995 hit TV series “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, Evangelion has become a worldwide phenomenon setting a high bar for excellence in both narrative and visual creativity in anime.

Set in the wake of an apocalyptic event known as the Second Impact, the series focuses on the struggles of a group of teenage pilots who are the only humans able to control the humanoid superweapons known as the Evangelions.
Only the Evangelions can save the remaining fragments of humankind from relentless attacks by mysterious lifeforms known as the Angels.v

In 2007, the Evangelion series was reintroduced to the world with the first in a series of cinematic reboots that were huge successes both critically and commercially, creating a second wave of Evangelion mania that generates millions in merchandise and licensing revenue both in Japan and abroad. The long awaited fourth film in the new series, Evangelion: 3.0+1.0: Thrice Upon A Time, is planned for release in 2021.

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