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From “100 Shiin no Koi+” to the Nintendo Switch™; “Kings of Paradise” Coming on Thursday, May 27th

Voltage Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo Acting President: Yuzi Tsutani) has revealed that title "Kings of Paradise," currently featured in the "100 Shiin no Koi+" visual novel e-reader app, will be getting a Switch release as of Thursday, May 27th.

When her husband's cheating puts an end to her married life, the heroine must embark on a new journey - one that leads her to a glitzy high rise, to serve as personal housekeeper to a group of powerful men. These "Kings of Paradise" live above the common folk, both figuratively and literally....
Spirit bruised by the events of her past, the heroine must teach her heart to believe in love again. A thrilling and dramatic take on romance unfolds.

Keep an eye out for new titles from Voltage Inc, coming to a Nintendo Switch near you soon! Voltage Inc. Nintendo Switch

Official Site: https://products.voltage.co.jp/switch/english/

Kings of Paradise: The Story

When your husband's philandering
leads to divorce, you find yourself
in a luxurious high rise
among the Kings of Paradise.
Sexy red dresses,
bubbly golden champagne
In this glittering world,
you ever so slowly
learn to love again.
"Haven't you realized
what an incredible woman you are?"

Kings of Paradise: Overview
Kings of Paradise
Release: 5/27/2021 (Thu)
Price: $24.99 *Download only
Genre: Adventure
Languages: Japanese, English
Original Seller: Voltage Inc.
Check the intro movie here!

Nintendo Switch Exclusives!
■A Brand New Opening Movie!
To celebrate the title's move to Nintendo Switch, the game will get a brand new opener! Fall in love with these characters all over again in this re-imagined opening movie! Or, if you're new to the series, discover what makes these complicated men so captivating!
■Easy, Stress-free Gameplay Streamlined for the Nintendo Switch!
Includes all characters' main stories up to the Romantic Splendor arc.

Kings of Paradise: Character Profiles

Taki Kozaki
Your Ex-boyfriend

Shun Randoh
Sexy Scoundrel

Kiyohito Shirakami

Yosuke Sagara
Life of the Party& Cold-blooded

New features - including dialogue history, quick saves, and quick loads - make the game more convenient than ever!

Voltage's Most Popular Titles are Available for Nintendo Switch!
Other Available Titles Genre: Adventure Languages: Japanese, English Original Seller: Voltage Inc.

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Price: $19.99 *Download only

Enchanted in the Moonlight - Kiryu, Chikage & Yukinojo
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Ayakashi: Romance Reborn Dawn Chapter & Twilight Chapter
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Price: $24.99 *Download only

English Language Story App for Female Audiences “Love 365: Find Your Story”:
The English version of story app “100-Shiin no Koi+”
brings the spark of romance to everyday life through
its exclusive titles. In addition to regular updates for
old favorites, Voltage plans to release many more
new titles in the near future. There are also free
stories that give an easy starting point for new users.

”Love 365: Find Your Story” Official Site: https://voltageapps.com/love365/
“Love 365: Find Your Story” Twitter(@Voltage_Love365): https://twitter.com/Voltage_Love365 “Love 365: Find Your Story” Facebook:https://www.Facebook.com/Voltage.Love365/ “Otome Romance” Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/otomeromance/
“Voltage Otome” Tumblr:https://voltageotome.tumblr.com/

「Love 365: Find Your Story 」
*“Kings of Paradise” can be enjoyed within Love 365: Find Your Story
■Payment Type: Free-to-Play (In-app purchases available)
■Supported Devices: iOS 10.0 or above. iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
Android OS 4.4 or above. *May not be playable on all devices.
■Trademark: Ⓒ Voltage

*Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo. ⓒ2017 Nintendo
*All company names, products, and services listed here are copyrights of their respective companies.

Voltage Inc. Company Info
Company Name: Voltage Inc. (Established September 1999)
Location: Tokyo, Shibuya ward, Ebisu 4-20-3
Ebisu Garden Place Tower, 28th floor
President: Yuzi Tsutani

■Homepage http://www.voltage.co.jp/
■Product site https://products.voltage.co.jp/

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