Vertical Scroll Barrage Shooting Game That Gained Popularity at Arcades "Espgaruda II" is Released

Tokyo-September 9, 2021

This game is a barrage shooter that became very popular at arcades in 2005. As it was released on September 9, 2021 at Nintendo Direct E3 2001, it was released on Nintendo Switch.

Galuda, a biological weapon that connects the Holy Spirit and humans against the backdrop of alchemical mechanical technology and military power. Shinra, a nation that once concentrated its power, ended its ambition with the two Galudas it created, "Ageha" and "Tateha".
It's been 3 years since then.
After an experiment that touches on contraindications, Soma has artificially acquired Galuda's abilities.And the only Garuda who was born, "Asagi" who was the assassin of King Soma.

Asagi demonstrates her ability as a biological weapon Galuda and escapes the pursuit of the Soma Army. A prince, Tsubame, and a princess, Janome, who chase after Ageha to avenge his father's death as a king. Madara, a Soma military officer, tries to hunt down Asagi even if she mechanizes her body. And the revenge of Princess Shinra, Seseri, who gave birth to the first tragedy. On the other hand, Ageha and Tateha, the first Galudas, confront the Soma Army to protect Asagi.

Relentlessly approaching enemy bullets and barrage.
The battle with the true Galuda and the built Galuda is about to begin.

By ascension (releasing the power of the Holy Spirit), the three Garudas suppress the movement of enemy bullets and advance the stage.
At each stage, a group of enemies by humans and machines, and a middle boss and a stage boss who control them are waiting.
The mechanical corps, made up of heavy weapons, shoots merciless bullets. To avoid that, read the enemy's attack pattern.
Players will fight back using "Ascension" and "Death World". The player chooses one of the three distinctive players and flies around this sky.

Although the normal attack power is low, even a boss who has a very strong attack when Ascension can be defeated immediately.
On the other hand, the cost of Ascension is faster than other characters, so the point is how to make effective use of this cost.

Although the attack range covered by normal attacks is narrow, its attack power is high, and it can be said that it is a relatively standard character.
Also, when you Ascension, this attack power will be further strengthened.

Since it is a wide shot with a very wide range of normal attacks, you can evenly attack the entire screen.
However, the attack power is so low that it takes time to defeat a strong boss.
Also, the closer this attack is to the enemy, the higher the attack power, but the risk of being hit increases accordingly.

There are also many game modes. Arcade Mode where you can play the 2005 arcade game as it is. In addition, the Normal Mode that cleared the image quality of this arcade mode.
Arrange Mode with BGM and game rules adjusted exclusively for the home version.
Novice Mode that even beginners can clear relatively easily by subtracting the number of bullets and durability of the enemy.
And the Blacklabel Mode where you can use the bonito that was the enemy character from the previous work.
(If you clear it, there will be a newer mode ...?)

The options screen includes a setting to rotate the display, allowing players to turn the Nintendo Switch system or TV sideways and play in a brilliant full screen, similar to the original arcade experience.

"Espgaluda2 is a system that arbitrarily slows down the movement of enemy bullets when it appeared at the game center in 2005, and conversely, a system that raises the score by hunting down yourself.
In addition, although it is fantastic, it received a very high evaluation for its world view using a heavy mechanical corps.
By cooperating with CAVE interactive, I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to experience the experience of the time on a new platform.
Like Mushihimesama, who released last time, we want to provide new users with the pleasure of avoiding and shooting through" says HAL Nikkawa, the promotion manager of Live Wire.

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