Nope Nope Nurses Available Now on Johren

TOKYO, JAPAN – January 14, 2022

Today Shiravune released Nope Nope Nurses, an 18+ visual novel in which nurses with awful personalities treat you personally for a highly specialized sexual condition. The game is available now on Johren in English and Japanese, with a sanitized Steam version to come in one week.
Johren (NSFW):

Hospital ≠ hospitality...?!

Yamada is afflicted with a rare condition that requires him to bust a nut every three hours or face devastating physical pain. When he miraculously fractures both hands, however, his fap game takes a critical hit, and his once-private burden falls to the neurotic nurses charged with his care. Make no mistake, though—no love sparks fly in the course of their round-the-clock milking sessions, as our hero is forced to endure his femdommy fate at all hours of the day and night... Will young Yamada leave the hospital with his scrotum—and sanity—intact?

"Begrudging Nurse" Tachibana
Voice: Mirau
Serious, responsible, and excellent at her job. However, after being stuck between shitty management and inexperienced juniors for so long, her expression is as austere as her gaze is icy—even to her patients and colleagues. Tachibana's compassion and love for nursing have all but faded, and she attends to Yamada in a brisk, soulless manner, driven only by her stubborn sense of duty.

"Insidious Nurse" Kurokawa
Voice: Hikaru Isshiki
Sneaky and self-deprecating, Kurokawa is quick to bow and scrape when caught out, but is equally adept at bad-mouthing others the second they're not in the room. A self-proclaimed "trash human" with a penchant for petty revenge on all rivals, real or imagined. Avoids confronting people she sees as more powerful, but revels in bullying the weak. This nurse also loves to play the victim card—and believes all her own bullshit, too. Suspects Yamada to be fellow trash and thus a potential ally.

"Violent Nurse" Yamaguchi
Voice: Misaki Kamishiro
A former teen delinquent with a mean violent streak and obvious anger management issues—Yamaguchi is keen to let her fists do the talking for her. Perhaps due to her rough past, she doesn't take well to perceived slights and has a problem with following orders. Underneath, she's a hopeless romantic, although this softer side is never directed at Yamada.

"Demotivational Nurse" Hiramatsu
Voice: Elena Kaibara
Chronically lazy and unmotivated. Slacks off every chance she gets unless constantly supervised. Hiramatsu is thoroughly apathetic and indifferent, not least when tending to Yamada's "needs." She gives off a languid anti-work aura wherever she goes, and takes her sweet time getting anything done. Sports a consistently sloppy and unkempt appearance. About the only time this nurse perks up is when she's been drinking.

Title: Nope Nope Nurses
OS: Windows
Players: Single-Player
Developer: Dark One!
Publisher: Shiravune
Languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

Johren (01/14/2022)
Steam (01/21/2022)

Nope Nope Nurses: $19.99 USD / 1,999 Johren Credits.
* A 20% OFF launch discount will be available on both platforms until Jan. 28, 2022.
* Steam prices may vary based on regional pricing.

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