Kamiyaba: Dicking Destiny on a Dicey Deadline Available Now on Johren

TOKYO, JAPAN – January 21, 2022

Shiravune has just released KamiYaba: Dicking Destiny on a Dicey Deadline, the first 18+ visual novel romance-comedy—or moege—from developers Hulotte to reach the West, on Johren.
Supported languages are English and Chinese, and an all-ages version more succinctly entitled KamiYaba: Destiny on a Dicey Deadline will also be arriving on Steam in one week.
Johren: https://www.johren.games/games/download/kamiyaba-en-zh/
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1856480

"If you don't tie the knot with the person of your dreams within the next year, you'll be in big trouble.
So forewarns Urara, the self-proclaimed Goddess of Matchmaking, when she appears before our hero Hajime Kanbayashi. Hajime's your average youth, except that he's been a little bit too into love spells and love charms in his goal to get more popular with the ladies. And this time, according to Urara, it's this particular hobby of his that's the cause for his current predicament—just like eating too much of a good food can make you sick, each spell, however trivial and cute, can prove disastrous if overused. To make matters worse, it seems that some of the spells Hajime tried were the real deal! Thanks to this, the law of cause and effect has been thrown out of whack and his future is looking bleak...
"Well, to put it simply, you're going to be a virgin for the rest of your life."
"I want a girlfriend! I don't want to be a virgin forever! It's just... it seems like a lot of work."
Just as Hajime begins to despair, Urara teaches him about three candidates potentially written into his destiny along with their respective "destiny counts," which represent the distance he'll have to overcome to win their hearts. To further complicate things, each girl also comes with her own unique quirks...
Nanami Nagumo, the prime minister's daughter: 870,000,000 (870 million)
Suzuna Akagi, an idol: 15
Yukari Suo, Japan's no. 1 detective: 65,535
And so begins Hajime's race against time to defeat his karma and reverse Urara's prophecy...

Nanami Nagumo (Voice: Ichigo Donari) - The Prime Minister's only daughter
Skilled in both school and sports, Nanami is the perfect honors student.
As the daughter of a politician, she has been surrounded by the adult world ever since she was young. This taught her to be wary of how her actions affect how people look at her. Even at the worst of times, she never loses her composure.
Although she tries to hide it, she has a fondness for the cute things and sweet things that girls her age typically love, but she's so self-conscious about it that she wouldn't dare reveal that to anybody.
When it comes to romance, too, she's well-informed and twice as curious... and that runs in such contrast with her image that she won't admit it.
As you can see, she's not very open about herself.
Her high social status and stoic personality make her popular with masochistic guys, and even the girls, as well.
People always treat her with respect, careful never to be too loud and obnoxious around her, as a consequence of which she has become a bit of a loner.
She often spends her time on the school rooftop during her lunch breaks and after school. Everybody knows that's her territory, so only a few dare tread its 'sacred ground.' The rest of the students stay far away.
She's starting to get tired of all the special treatment…
Suzuna Akagi (Voice: Kokoro Moriya) - A top idol
Her specialties include cooking and making people forget their inhibitions.
With her friendly smile, her open-mindedness and her revitalizing words, Suzuna has a tight grasp on her adoring audience's hearts. While she has many fans at school, they all keep each other in check, meaning nobody can make a move on her.
She has such a bright and bubbly personality, you'd never think she was older. Working in entertainment has not tarnished her innocence. She's just a hard-working girl with no dark side whatsoever. People call her an angel, and even a miracle.
When it comes to romance, it's something she deeply yearns for, but feels it's not for her.
She reveres the concept of love so much that she can't allow herself to admit those feelings.
She's also the kind of girl whose face turns bright red at the mention of sex.
As she's not comfortable with that kind of attention, she's never taken a single gravure modeling job in her entire career.
Suzuna is one of those few students who has breached the sacred ground of the rooftop.
As she is often away from school due to work, she went up to the rooftop completely unaware of its significance, which led her to meeting Nanami.
She is very insecure about her ability and her future…
Yukari Suo (Voice: Kanau) - Japan's greatest detective
A girl who is said to have helped the police crack many difficult cases in the past.
Unfortunately they haven't been requesting her help much in recent days, so things have been pretty mundane for her lately.
Yukari speaks casually to anybody, regardless of their age. She can be pretty sarcastic at times, but she has a good attitude and is easy to talk to.
However, her powers of observation are so sharp, they border on the level of a mind-reader. She's so accurately able to guess what people are thinking that people tend to keep their distance from her.
But she doesn't let that bother her, and spends her time immersing herself in the world of books.
Her abilities of deduction also extend to guessing the content of every test in advance, so she also has excellent grades.
She's the kind of girl who walks her own way, and doesn't let herself be constrained by anybody.
This too means she tends to struggle to get close to others.
When it comes to sex, she has no experience, but is very curious about it.
If the opportunity presented itself, she'd be all over it!
She's aware of the sacred nature of the rooftop, but is one of the few who can stand upon its hallowed ground. She'll go there to observe Nanami and Suzuna, but mainly just spend her time reading.
She finds the place's strange alone-together atmosphere very interesting.
She's growing very tired of her peaceful everyday life…
Urara (Voice: Yuu Minami) - Goddess of Matchmaking
A young goddess who suddenly appeared before Hajime and warned him that he was going to be a virgin for life. She is bright, lively, and always smiling. She's also a real chatterbox, and her mouth runs a mile a minute.
Urara has been assigned to closely observe the unprecedented case of a person who used so many love charms that he managed to break causality.
She possesses a wide range of divine powers, such as the ability to fly, turn invisible, walk through walls, and communicate via telepathy. In order for her to observe Hajime closely, she also uses her powers to convince people that she's his younger sister.
Her legal documents are obviously fake, but she's a goddess, so she's not bound by the laws of our world.
Though she gave Hajime the gift of destiny count and pulled a few strings to help him transfer schools, her job is primarily to observe him. Beyond that, she only gives him advice when she feels so inclined.
When it comes to sex, she's up for anything.
She can be seductive and cheeky, but that's only because she doesn't see herself as a potential love interest. She's the kind of girl who'd be fold easily if you got serious with her.
She has no insecurities, no complaints, and no fears.
Hanayo Sakashiro (Voice: Sora Haruka) - Nanami's childhood friend and ‘strongest SP’
What SP stands for changes depending on the situation. Right now, it stands for 'sexy physique.'
Hanayo has a plain and polite manner of speaking, and doesn't reveal her emotions much.
She has a tendency to change the topic completely, and it can be hard to grasp what she's trying to say.
As an SP, she behaves in such a way that you can never guess what she's thinking either.
She may be small, but she's an expert at self-defense, and is the strongest student in the entire school. She claims she could give Br*ce Wi*lis a run for his money.
Hanayo understands how Nanami feels, but still feels she has to give her special treatment due to her position.
Mao Kanbayashi (Voice: Yui Kusuhara) - Hajime's cousin and classmate
She used to live in Hajime's neighborhood when they were elementary students until her family moved away. Since then, they've been separated, until they were reunited when Hajime transferred to her school. Mao is almost positive this was an act of fate.
Naive and honest, she yearns for Hajime's attention, calling him 'Bubby.'
As she's of the age for love, she sometimes finds herself swept up in fantasies of doing all sorts of things with him.
At first, she warns him not to breach the sacred ground of the rooftop, but when she realizes he's serious about going up there, she gradually encourages him to do so.
Right before she moved when she was young, they swore they would get married.
Does Hajime still feel that way about her...?

Title: KamiYaba: Dicking Destiny on a Dicey Deadline
OS: Windows
Players: Single-Player
Developer: Hulotte
Publisher: Shiravune
Languages: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

Johren (01/21/2022)
Steam (01/28/2022) as Kamiyaba: Destiny on a Dicey Deadline (all-ages)

$24.99 USD / 2,499 Johren Credits.
* Both versions will be discounted until Feb. 4, 2022, with a 20% OFF launch discount!
* Steam prices may vary based on regional pricing.

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