Go on a Cooking Expedition with Cross Infinite World's Acquisition of Expedition Cooking with the Enoch Royal Knights Light Novel Series

REDDING, CA (1/27/2022) – Cross Infinite World is ecstatic to announce the acquisition of Expedition Cooking with the Enoch Royal Knights by Mashimesa Emoto and Tera Akai, a slice of life fantasy light novel series with lots of gourmet cooking, fun adventures, and an adorable elf heroine!

Delectable survival cooking from the down-on-her-luck elf!
Despite being born as a Fore Elf—one of the “beautiful creatures that inhabit the forest”—young Mell Risurisu suffers from poverty, a total lack of skills, and no magic powers whatsoever at her disposal. Determined to save her beloved little sisters from a life of hardship, Mell decides to join Enoch—the royal order of knights. Upon being assigned as a field medic to the Second Expeditionary Squadron, which boasts only four members to its name, she's shocked to discover…

Bread as hard as stone and rubbery jerky made of mystery meat?!

This simply won't do! Medic Risurisu's knowledge as a child of the forest is her greatest weapon in the battle for delicious food on the go!

Expedition Cooking with the Enoch Royal Knights Volume 1 will be available digitally worldwide on July 29th, 2022 for $7.99. It will receive a print release at a later date. You can pre-order your copy through Amazon now: https://www.Amazon.com/dp/B09R4LL47Z

ABOUT CROSS INFINITE WORLD: With an ever-growing need for more shoujo and josei titles in English, Cross Infinite World has taken the unique approach of working directly with authors, mangaka, and artists in Japan to bring their works to an English market. More information on this series as well as our other exciting light novels and manga can be found at www.crossinfworld.com.

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