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Reality-Blurring Japanese Singer-Songwriter KAIKA Introduces Herself With Self-Titled Single

Debut release features video utilizing 3D Point Cloud Technology

Tokyo, Japan — Japan's KAIKA blurs the line between digital and physical. The project, serving as another identity for young virtual creator KAF, allows the singer-songwriter the chance to express herself more directly as she takes on the role of primary songwriter under this guise. Their eponymous debut song introduces their artistic vision to listeners, alongside KAIKA's ambitions to push music and art into exciting new directions in the 21st century.

Listen to “Kaika” Here

Watch The Video For “Kaika” Here

“Kaika” finds the artist introducing themselves to the world backed by elegant string notes and a driving beat, dappled by electronic touches nodding to KAIKA's digital origins. Central to it all is her voice, at times softly delivered and other times commanding attention as the music around them swells. It's a declaration of intent, with KAIKA showing everything she brings to a new era of Japanese pop music in one song.

KAIKA comments on the creation of the song below:

“When I'm left to my own devices, I often find myself losing track of whether or not I'm truly growing as an artist.

Ever since taking on the name "KAF" and forming a connection with all of you, whose names and faces I can't truly know, I created a space where through my music we could feel close. Yet, now that I take on a new moniker, I can't just pretend I'm someone else and greet you as if you're a stranger each time. I'm sure it can't just be me who struggles to say "Nice to meet you" in these situations. While thinking about all of this, I put together this song.”

The accompanying video captures the visual tension the KAIKA project embraces. It was filmed at KAIKA's debut live performance at Yoyogi National Stadium this past January, a shock surprise playing out late as part of her solo show under the KAF moniker, stunning the sold-out crowd. The video for “Kaika” utilizes 3D Point Cloud technology to transform footage from the show into something dazzling using cutting-edge developments. Fittingly, it's also a way to manipulate the familiar sights of everyday life — a fitting metaphor for what KAIKA aims to do artistically.


Debuting in 2024, KAIKA is an artist blurring the line between the real world and digital life. She first appeared at virtual singer KAF's solo show in January 2024, appearing on stage physically but, thanks to cutting-edge technology, able to appear as if she's caught between worlds. She released her debut single “Kaika” in April of the same year.

Visit KAIKA's official website


Founded in 2019, Tokyo KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO is a creative agency and management company at the cutting-edge of technology and entertainment. The group counts a variety of forward-thinking artists as part of its roster, including many virtual singers blurring the lines between the digital and real world.

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