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Wings of the Heart Take Flight Once More with Baten Kaitos I & II HD Remaster, Now Available on PC

Remastered Version of the RPG Classics Comes to PC, Featuring the Original Game and its Sequel, and Boasting Enhanced Visuals and New Accessibility Features

IRVINE, Calif., (June 18, 2024)Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. today announced BATEN KAITOS™ I & II HD REMASTER is now available to play on PC via Steam®. The remastered collection brought enhanced visual fidelity and new game play features to the classic game when it launched for Nintendo Switch last year. Now players on PC via Steam® can embark on this memorable and emotional adventure, with the new version including both BATEN KAITOS™: ETERNAL WINGS AND THE LOST OCEAN and BATEN KAITOS™ ORIGINS now available on PC via Steam®. For additional details about the games, visit www.bandainamcoent.com/games/baten-kaitos-i-and-ii-hd-remaster.

Watch the launch trailer for BATEN KAITOS I & II HD REMASTER on PC via Steam® at the following link: https://youtu.be/0y7gwThL_9o

The BATEN KAITOS™ series features the Magnus Battle System, a unique card-based mechanic where cards are dealt from the deck to determine attack power based on the attributes and combination of cards available. In these real-time battles, players must make quick decision-making to claim victory. In this series, players assume the role of the Guardian Spirit, guiding the protagonist and their companions through distinctive adventures in each game.

BATEN KAITOS: ETERNAL WINGS AND THE LOST OCEAN tells the story of Kalas who, while seeking revenge for the death of his brother and grandfather, meets Xelha as they both embark on a journey to defeat the Alfard Empire.

BATEN KAITOS ORIGINS takes place 20 years before the events of the first game. The story involves Sagi, a “spiriter” that has a connection with Guardian Spirits who is part of the Dark Service, an elite unit of the Alfard Empire. Sagi sets on a journey to clear his name after being framed, and to unveil the empire's secrets.

BATEN KAITOS I & II HD REMASTER enhances the gameplay of the original titles through several new features and settings to support game progression. Notably, the “Instant KO” setting lets players defeat enemies in a single attack to expedite game and battle speeds while the “No Encounters” setting allows players to avoid battles and simplify traversal.

For more information on BATEN KAITOS I & II HD REMASTER and other products from Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc., please visit www.bandainamcoent.com. Join the conversation on Twitter/X at https://www.twitter.com/BandaiNamcoUS, check us out live on Twitch at https://twitch.tv/bandainamcous, or follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BandaiNamcoUS.

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