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Delicious in Dungeon
Episode 20

by Grant Jones,

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Delicious in Dungeon ?
Community score: 4.3


Episode 20 of Delicious in Dungeon is a solid character development and team-building entry—even if the action and monster creativity is a bit light.

This week heavily focuses on Izutsumi and her relationship with the main crew. She is the polar opposite of everyone else in the crew—cynical, loner, averse to trying new things, deeply suspicious of monster food, and more. While other main party members exhibit some of these traits, Izutsumi possesses all of them at once. In addition, there is a tendency to bond towards a common goal that the others share that she (at least initially) lacks. It's interesting seeing her explore these thoughts and feelings and even picking up the wrong lessons along the way. For example, when Marceille doesn't participate in slaying the ice beast she assumes that it's a very mercenary or pragmatic approach to teamwork while Marceille has to make it clear that she still wants to help even when she can't.

The feeling of unease she has over eating monsters is one of the more lengthy bits of the episode. From the audience's perspective, her unease probably seems unfounded, given that we've watched the party eat monsters the entire time more or less. Laios also brings up a good point about how what we eat doesn't necessarily translate directly into physical side effects or mutations afterward. That said, it's very common even in real life to have certain things we simply consider off-limits for eating. Sometimes that can be religious or cultural taboos on eating certain creatures or even certain combinations of foods. It can also be down to unease and a rather healthy fear of eating something that has not been prepared properly (for example, certain poisonous fish that need a precise manner of cooking to make them edible). Izutsumi might be dragging her feet in terms of trusting them in other areas but I agree with her hesitation regarding monster-eating.

The action sequences are just okay this week. A plant that grows funny shapes is… okay, fine. And wolves are a pretty standard fantasy combat encounter. Even the resulting meal seems pretty ho-hum. At least we get some hilarious reaction faces out of it and Izutsumi's claw slashes over black screens evoking Yoshiaki Kawajiri is a great touch too.


Grant is the cohost on the Blade Licking Thieves podcast and Super Senpai Podcast.

Delicious in Dungeon is currently streaming on Netflix.

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