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posted on by Christopher Macdonald

We've added a new gear icon on ANN's mainfeed as well as in article pages. This new icon brings up a quick configuration menu that allows you to modify how ANN's articles are displayed to you.

When we introduced the infinite scroll (auto loading of next articles) to our site, some readers didn't like it, so we promised a way to turn it off. The configuration page will allow you to enable/disable infinite scroll, and also chose whether you want infinite scroll to mix news & interest articles, or stick to the type of article you are reading.

We've also added another frequently requested feature; the configuration menu allows you to filter which articles will appear in the mainfeed, and have it stay that way the next time you visit the front page. If you're only interested in news and reviews, you can remove interest and columns from the mainfeed. Likewise you can filter by topic, selecting from anime, manga, novels, etc.

Finally, we've added a few other options that previously existed (elsewhere on the site) to this menu, making them all easier to find in one place.

You can have different preferences per browser/device, for example have one set of filters for when you visit the site from your phone, a different set for when you visit from work, and a third set for when you visit from home.

If you're logged in, you also have the option of setting up "profiles" in your account settings, so that preferences will be saved to your account. That way you won't lose your preferences even if you change your mobile, or clear your cookies.

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