Original High School Anime 'Just Because!' Unveils Trailer, Characters

posted on 2017-05-30 00:00 EDT

The staff of the Just Because! original anime project opened a website on Tuesday, which began streaming a trailer.

The site describes the story:

It is winter of their third year of high school, near the end of second semester, when students have very little time in high school left. Everyone was just waiting for graduation.

Until he suddenly came home.

He was their classmate in middle school that had moved far away. His transferred in at a peculiar time, which reunited them. It was as if it were a go signal rang out to the feelings of the students who had just thought to end their high school life without fanfare.

The anime's characters include (from left to right in the picture below):

Hazuki Morikawa
Hazuki is a member of the school concert band that has already decided on her preferred college. Her family has tended to a farm since her grandfather's time. She does not stand out in class, and seems uninterested in romantic relationships.

Haruto Sōma
Haruto is a baseball team member who has already secured a job after graduation. He plans to hit the home run that he couldn't hit during the summer competition, and confess to someone he likes.

Mio Natsumi
Mio was Eita and Haruto's classmate during middle school. She plans to enroll in college and is studying hard to make that happen. Her unrequited feelings for a middle school crush still influence her.

Eita Izumi
Eita is a transfer student who has lived away from the town where Mio and the others lived for four years, but has now returned. He had been close friends with Haruto since middle school, and his transfer into their high school is a reunion for them.

Ena Komiya
Ena is a second-year student, and a member of the photography club that is close to being disbanded. In order to save the club, she plans to enter a photography competition. In search of a good photo, she witnesses the reunion between Eita and Haruto.

Atsushi Kobayashi (Girls & Panzer storyboards, episode director) is directing the anime at PINE JAM, with Hajime Kamoshida (The Pet Girl of Sakurasou) as the scriptwriter and Kiseki Himura (Sword Art Online: Progressive manga, Tawawa on Monday) as the original character designer. Hiroyuki Yoshii (Tawawa on Monday) is adapting the character designs for animation. Singer-songwriter Nagi Yanagi (A Lull in the Sea, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, Bakemonogatari) is credited as music producer, and Keisuke Fukunaga (Tawawa on Monday) is credited as producer.

A website briefly opened about a new anime by the two main creators on April Fools' Day, but Gekkan's Megami Magazine revealed on April 28 that the new anime is real.

A flyer from this year's AnimeJapan event described the anime:

A High School campus life, which everybody goes through... but not everybody gets to go to the final baseball game as a varsity, nor become a trumpet player, nor tell the girl you like her... nor find something that they really want to do...

The story unfolds itself with those High School students who cannot become who they really want to be...

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