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Blade of the Immortal (manga) Decent While this isn't a *bad* manga per se, the part where a villain's motivation was that he was expelled from his dojo because he fought pragmatically rather than use the "pure" style of his dojo seemed a bit silly.
(The) Flowers of Evil (manga)
Hellsing (manga) Decent I have very mixed feelings about this manga. On the one hand, the action is good, and I like how it's over the top and doesn't take itself too seriously. On the other hand, the gore is perhaps presented too gleefully, and that's why I ended up dropping it.

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Planetes (manga) Decent I do like the anime for this more than the manga itself, mainly because I thought that the romance between one of the main characters, Hachimaki, and his love interest Ai developed more naturally in the anime.