Get the Case Closed Movie “The Crimson Love Letter” on Digital This November!

by TMS Entertainment (Paid Advertisement),
TMS has officially announced that the Case Closed movie Case Closed: The Crimson Love Letter can now be purchased on digital starting November 19th.

Fans of the long-time franchise in the United States and Canada can rent or purchase the film on Google Play, iTunes, Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store, and Amazon Prime Video. The digital release will be available in English dub and Japanese audio (with English subtitles.)

The Crimson Love Letter is the third Case Closed movie released digitally by TMS. Both Case Closed: Zero the Enforcer and Case Closed: Episode “One” were released on major digital platforms in October. TMS plans to digitally release additional Case Closed movies with the brand-new dub cast in the near future.

Originally released in 2017 in Japan, The Crimson Love Letter follows Conan as a bombing incident at a TV station leads him to a girl who claims to be one of his friend's fiancée but is also a potential suspect in a murder of a karuta player. The film grossed 6.89 billion yen at the Japan box office and was the highest grossing Japanese movie in 2017. It also went on to be nominated for “Excellent Animation of the Year” in 2018 by the Japan Academy Film Prize Association.

The movie comes from a long line of Conan media, with the manga first serialized on the Weekly Shonen Sunday, published by Shogakukan Inc. in 1994. The total sales of the comic series exceed 230 million copies. The series is one of the bestselling detective mystery comics and is very popular internationally as well.

The Case Closed anime launched in 1996 and further expanded the series' popularity. Feature length theatrical releases has been released every year since 1997 and has smashed numerous box office records in Japan with 2019's 22nd feature length “The Fist of Blue Sapphire” recording approximately $115 million in worldwide box office sales.

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