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Anime Spotlight: UPOTTE!!

by Justin Sevakis,
April 2012 (Japan Niconico Premiere)

Key Staff

Takao Kato
Character Design & Chief Animation Director
Akio Takami
Series Composition
Naruhisa Arakawa
Animation Production


Somewhat unusual day-to-day story of heartwarming 'n cute "gun" girls!

The long-awaited new work announced by Kitsune Tennoji, 16 years after “Eden's Bowy”, his hit title that sold over 2 million copies, was animated!! Now, he delivers an unexpected military comedy with guns personified as girls!

Every rifle has been given a personality and quirks based on their traits, and together they rampage and shoot their way through school life in this unusual school girls comedy!


A military comedy anime of guns personified as soft, cute, gun-girls!

The rookie teacher posted to Seishou Academy is suddenly sent to the hospital… And that's natural because his students are assault rifles!?

This is a gun-comedy about beautiful, unique gun-girls running wild in school!


Funko (FN FNC)
VA: Iori Nomizu

A middle-school assault rifle manufactured by Belgium's Fabrique Nationale, and this story's protagonist. Since those around her often play dumb, she naturally ends up delivering the punch-lines.

“I can't help it, I have a skeleton stock!!”

Ichiroku (M16A4)
VA: Misuzu Togashi

Funko's best friend, manufactured by the American company, Colt. She tends to lack precision or care for details. She has a foul mouth, but she's caring. For some reason she speaks in an Osakan dialect.

“But I only came with 3-rounds bursts mode!!”

Shigu (SG550)
VA: Kaori Sadohara

A proud lady, manufactured by Switzerlands's SIG company. Her grades are top notch and she's an honor student, but a bit out of it at times. She sports exceptional firing accuracy at mid-range, and doesn't like to lose.

“If you can't aim from ridge to ridge, you're useless.”

Eru (L85A1)
VA: Misato

Manufactured by the UK's Royal Small Arms Factory. She's silent and hides big boobs. She seems to have settled into being the pitiful character lately...?

“(Nod, nod)”

Faru(FAL L1A1)
VA: Mina

Manufactured by the UK's Royal Small Arms Factory. She's a battle rifle and Funko's older sister. She excellent grades, popularity, and she's beautiful. She's a leader in the high school division and the first one to call FNC “Funko” (apparently).

“It's a match, Funko.”

Ichiyon (M14)
VA: Saeko Zōgō

Manufactured by America's Springfield company, and older sister to Ichiroku. She's beautiful if she stays quiet, but she's crude and rowdy. She likes corny jokes, and leaves many disappointed.

“Give in, completely!”

Jisuri (G3A3)
VA: Mami Kosuge

Manufactured by Germany's Heckler & Koch. Despite her strict appearance, she is actually very caring. She has lots of little sisters, and a very naughty finishing move. Her sniping skill is top class, and she often wears dark pantyhose.

“Let's settle this!”

Ichihachi (AR18)
VA: Aya Gōda

Manufactured by America's Armalite company, Ichihachi is Ichiroku's cousin. She's a member of the class next to Funko and the others as well as Funko's roommate in the dorms. She's probably the one with the most common sense.

Agu (AUG A1)
VA: Shizuka Furuya

President of the middle school's student council. She wants to get to know Funko better, but she can't seem to shorten the distance between them.

Tei (T91)
VA: Yuka Iguchi

Manufactured in Taiwan. In Team Combat she pairs with Agu, making Ichiroku suffer.

VA: Takayuki Kondō

Homeroom teacher for Funko and the others. He was appointed to Seishou Academy unaware about the others, and the only human character. He's bound to encounter lots of misfortune…


Funko (FNC)
Iori Nomizu
Ichiroku (M16A4)
Misuzu Togashi
Shigu (SG550)
Kaori Sadohara
Eru (L85A1)
Faru (FAL L1A1)
Ichiyon (M14)
Saeko Zōgō
Jisuri (G3A3)
Mami Kosuge
(AR18):Aya Gōda
Shizuka Furuya
Yuka Iguchi
Takayuki Kondō


Original Creator
Kitsune Tennoji
(Published in Monthly Shōnen Ace/4-Koma Nano Ace)
Takao Kato
Character Design
Chief Animation Director
Akio Takami
Series Composition
Naruhisa Arakawa
Gun Design
Yasushi Nishiya
Military History Advisor
Takaaki Suzuki
Prop Design
Natsuko Fujiwara
Art Director
Ryōka Kinoshita
Art Setting
Kaoru Aoki
Color Design
Ayumi Ikeda
Director of Photography
Tomoyuki Nakada
Offline Editing
Kumiko Sakamoto
Sound Director
Jin Aketagawa
Sound Effects
Iki Okuda
Sound Production
Dax Production
Yukari Hashimoto
Music Production
Nippon Columbia
Animation Production
Upotte!! Partners

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