Anime Spotlight - My mental choices are completely interfering with my school romantic comedy

by Justin Sevakis,

My mental choices are completely interfering with my school romantic comedy

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October 9th, 2013 (JST, Japanese Premiere)

Key Staff

Director: Takayuki Inagaki
    (Rosario + Vampire, Desert Punk)
Art Director: Yukio Abe
    (Sea Prince and the Fire Child, NieA_7)
Animation Production


Kanade Amakusa's accursed power: Absolute Choice.


Two choices suddenly appear before him in his mind, and he must choose between the two and act upon them or he'll suffer a headache. The choices he faces...

1) End up in your underwear in the middle of the schoolyard
2) End up half-naked in the girls' changing room
(They both suck)

...are always something crazy like that.

Unable to control when or where those absolute choices appear, Kanade is forced to commit all kinds of crazy acts, earning him a rank in the “Reject 5” and causing the girls to view him with appall. One day, after making his absolute choice, a pretty girl falls upon him from the sky! She starts spouting something about being a partner dispatched to clear a mission bestowed upon her by god?! Kanade faces his crazy mission with all his might to take back his school romantic comedy!


VA: Kaori Sadohara
A self-proclaimed servant of god who came to Kanade in order to break his “Absolute Choice” curse. However, she's lost her memories and isn't much help at all. “Loves to eat” isn't enough to describe this demon of gluttony. She's as cute as a puppy and attached to Kanade.
Kanade Amakusa
VA: Toshiyuki Toyonaga
In Class 2-1 at Seikou Academy. His life is at the mercy of his “Absolute Choice” which forces him to choose one of the options that appears in his mind. He has good looks, but his personality and behavior issues earned him the foul label as a member of the “Reject 5”, a group of outcasts.
Furano Yukihira
VA: Yui Kondou
Kanade's classmate and a fellow “Reject 5”. She's a cool type of person who never lets her emotion show and always spits poison or dirty jokes. She can never admit when she actually likes something, and she has a secret side… She's also worried about the small size of her breasts.
Ouka Yuuoji
VA: Ayumi Tsuji
A fellow classmate of Kanade and proud daughter of a powerful company. She has beautiful looks, but she has childish behavior and no knows what she'll pull next. The damage from her rampages earned her a spot in the “Reject 5” but she doesn't seem to care.
Konagi Yawakaze
VA: Misato
She's a clumsy, naïve girl loved by all who never doubts or envies others. In contrast to the “Reject 5”, she's #3 in the popularity ranking of girls at the school. She's in Class 2-15, but when she was a freshman she got along well with Ouka.
Yuragi Hakoniwa
VA: Naomi Ozora
Kanade's childhood friend and one year younger. She had gone to America, but transferred into Seikou Academy due to her parents' circumstances. She calls Kanade “Onii-chan”, but she also feels great joy in being “someone's little sister”. Sometimes she even treats younger people as older brothers or sisters.
Seira Kokubyakuin
VA: Hiromi Igarashi
She's the fair and beautiful student council president whose reigned at the top of popularity rankings for three semesters in a row. She has a gentle air and a meek demeanor, but she's always smiling to hide her true feelings. It seems she has some reason for getting close to Kanade…
Ayame Reikadou
VA: Ayane Sakura
Her breasts are so big everyone stares, and she's a proud, rich lady. She's haughty and her cold attitude earns her great support from a portion of the masochistic men. She's in Class 2-10, and fifth in the popularity ranking.
Utage Douraku
VA: Akiko Yajima
She's in charge of Class 2-1. She's a proper, mature adult woman, but she looks like a little girl. Her rough and violent behavior contrasts with her appearance, and earned her the nickname “Strangler Utage” In the past, she once suffered the curse of “Absolute Choice” like Kanade is.


Kanade Amakusa
Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Kaori Sadohara
Furano Yukihira
Yui Kondou
Ouka Yuuouji
Ayumi Tsuji
Konagi Yawakaze
Yuragi Hakoniwa
Naomi Ozora
Seira Kokubyakuin
Hiromi Igarashi
Ayame Reikadou
Rei Matsuzaki
Utage Douraku
Akiko Yajima
Jouji Nakata


Original Creator
Takeru Kasukabe
(Kadokawa Sneaker Publishing)
Takayuki Inagaki
Series Composition
Hiroko Kanasugi
Original Character Design
Character Design
Chief Animation Director
Hiroyuki Saida
Key Animator
Yasuyuki Noda, Yumiko Hara
Art Director
Yukio Abe
Color Coordination
Shuji Kamimura
Director of Photography
Yasuyuki Ito
Yuuji Oka
Sound Director
Takayuki Yamaguchi
Sound Production
Dax Production
Music Production
Opening Theme
Affilia Saga by SML
Animation Production
Noucome Production Committee

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