Anime Spotlight - Samurai Flamenco

by Justin Sevakis,

October 2013 (Japanese Premiere)

Key Staff

Director: Takahiro Ōmori
    (Natsume's Book of Friends, Hell Girl, Baccano!, Durarara!!)
Series Composition: Hideyuki Kurata
    (Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens; Now and Then, Here and There; The World Only God Knows)
Character Design: Yoshimitsu Yamashita
    (Blade of the Immortal, Murder Princess, Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~)
Animation Production


For adults who never wanted to grow up—

Director - Takahiro Ōmori
Series Composition - Hideyuki Kurata
Character Design - Chinatsu Kurahana
Production - manglobe


A fresh! Bold! Thrilling new original animation is born here.

Masayoshi Hazama is regular man who became a hero of justice on his own without any special powers, or any enhancement surgery. Hidenori Goto is a policeman who uncovered his identity in a cruel twist of fate, and has been getting caught up in his trouble ever since. This show follows these two as it presents a dramatic rendition of the troubles and meaning behind acting as a hero of justice in the modern world, with a comical and serious take on the drama born from that, as well as the birth of a true hero.

Director Takahiro Ōmori, a man reputed for his ability in depicting real life stories like Durarara!! and Natsume's Book of Friends, Hideyuki Kurata, a man with a unique sense for Series Composition shown in ROD and GUNxSWORD, Chinatsu Kurana, an Original Character Designer who's gained vast support for her work on Uta no Prince –sama and Aquarion Evol, as well as manglobe, a team seeking to reach new heights with original animation such as Michiko and Hacchin and Samurai Champloo, are in charge of production for this anime!

A tale of love of justice for adults who never wanted to grow up, by adults who never wanted to grow up.


Masayoshi Hazama
VA: Toshiki Masuda
Age: 19
A young man who acts as a model in a fashion magazine. Thanks to his grandfather who loved action heroes, he grew up admiring heroes since he was young, and then he finally makes his debut as the new hero, “Samurai Flamenco”, an idea his grandfather came up with. Will he punish evil with the hammer of justice?

Hidenori Goto
VA: Tomokazu Sugita
Age: 24
A police officer working a police box. He's diligent about his work in the police box, but he's normal, average young man with no particular feelings towards justice in his private life. One day he happens to learn about the hero of justice, Samurai Flamenco, by chance. Ever since then his days have been more chaotic…
Mari Maya
VA: Haruka Tomatsu
Age: 18
She's a talented who works as the center in a three-member idol group, Mineral Miracle Muse, and composes their music and lyrics. She's a bright, happy mood maker who can approach anyone.
Mizuki Misawa
Age: 19
Mineral Miracle Muse's leader. She's from Kansai. She's very caring and works hard to keep the group together.
Moe Morita
VA: Erii Yamazaki
Age: 17
A member of Mineral Miracle Muse. She's currently in high school, and a bit shy and laid back. Her English pronunciation is close to native.
Joji Kaname
VA: Jūrōta Kosugi
Age: 43
An Actor currently playing the lead role in “Red Axe”, an ongoing hero action show. Apparently he travels the world.
Jun Harazuka
VA: Toru Okawa
Age: 48
An older man who works in the development department of Monsters Stationary, a large stationary manufacturer.
Sumi Ishihara
VA: Chie Nakamura
Age: 28
A talented manager working for Ceaser Pro, an entertainment production company. She works hard every day trying to sell justice and heroism to the public.
Akira Konno
VA: Satoshi Mikami
Age: 32
The man who runs High Rollers Hi, a web news site. He takes an interest in Samurai Flamenco and begins plotting to reveal his identity.


Masayoshi Hazama
Toshiki Masuda
Hidenori Goto
Tomokazu Sugita
Mari Maya
Haruka Tomatsu
Mizuki Misawa
Moe Morita
Erii Yamazaki
Joji Kaname
Jūrōta Kosugi
Jun Harazuka
Toru Okawa
Sumi Ishihara
Chie Nakamura
Akira Konno
Satoshi Mikami


Original Creator
Takahiro Ōmori
Series Composition
Hideyuki Kurata
Original Character Design
Chinatsu Kurahana
Character Design
Yoshimitsu Yamashita
Action Director
Tatsuo Yamada
Prop Design
Shinobu Tsuneki
Art Director
Hiroshi Katō
Color Design
Shigenobu Kaihou
Director of Photography
Kenji Takahashi
Kazuhiko Seki
Kenji Tamai
Animation Production
Project Samumenco

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