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Anime Spotlight - Blood Lad

by Justin Sevakis,
July, 2013 (Japanese Premiere)

Key Staff

Director: Shigeyuki Miya
    (Buzzer Beater 2005, 2007, Lupin III: Green vs Red)
Series Composition: Takeshi Konuta
    (Library War)
Character Design: Kenji Fujisaki
    (Ozma, Cross Fight B-Daman)
Animation Production
Brains Base


"First of all, I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the chance to animate this manga.

"I thought it would be hard to adapt the world view and find good breaking points, but those worries were blown away the love and sense I felt from every member of the staff. Now I can't wait to watch it."

    - Yūki Kodama, original creator


There's nothing but evil in Hell!

The vampire Staz is the turf boss of a certain district in Hell. He hates the fact that he's like a vampire, and he loves Japanese culture. Then one day, a Japanese girl, Yanagi Fuyumi wandered into his territory. Staz couldn't stop himself from falling in love when he meets this normal human who's Japanese as well.

However, while he was vanquishing those who tried to invade his turf, Fuyumi was killed and eaten by monsters! With Fuyumi's ghost before him, Staz vows to bring her back to life, but…?!

Let the hot, hellish vampire action led by these cool characters begin!!


Blood Charlie Staz
VA: Ryota Ohsaka
A vampire who rules as turf boss over a certain district in East Hell… However, he hates the fact that he's a vampire, and loves Japanese culture such as anime, manga, and games. Though he was never interested in sucking blood, his encounter with Fuyumi awakened his instincts and leads to his decision to bring her back to life. He has a bad look to his eyes and he's always lazy, but he can be very passionate when his switch is flipped.
Fuyumi Yanagi
VA: Iori Nomizu
A poor high school girl who ends up getting eaten by monsters in Hell and became a ghost after certain events. Now her body can't live without Staz's blood. Now searches for a way to come back to life with Staz. She's shy, modest, and also kind.
VA: Takuma Terashima
His comrades follow him as “King Wolf”, and he is Staz's rival as well. He's a hot-blooded muscle man who hates those who do things half-heartedly.
Hydra Belle
VA: Emi Sarah Bridcut
A treasure hunter who can't help but be drawn to things that are secretly hidden. She's after the thieves who stole her magic. She's a free spirit, but she can also be very calculated.
VA: Chiwa Saito
A little animal with three eyes. It has a cute appearance, but it talks often, and it's a bit haughty and annoying. Living with SATY in “Café Third Eye” in Staz's turf, it's third eye has the power to reveal and see through anything. But without SATY nearby, she can only use its “Eagle Eye” to see the area around her.
A girl with three eyes. She works as the master of “Third Eye”, a café in Staz's turf in Hell. Her specialty dish, “Tsuchinoko Steak” is Staz's favorite dish. While Mamejirou is talkative, she's very quiet, but her eyes are able to see many things, the third eye she and Mamejirou share contains the power to reveal and see through everything.
Blood D. Bloods
VA: Ryouhei Kimura
Staz's older brother. In contrast to his little brother, he's an elite vampire with good looks. He has the cunning to manipulate things to his will, but no one knows his true intentions. He also knows a secret about Staz's power.
VA: Taichi Komesu
He's Staz's right hand man, and one of his most trusted men. Despite his stern appearance, he's a softhearted and caring man who's often at the whims of Staz. He truly cares for Staz and acts like a dedicated wife.
Blood T Liz
VA: Yuuka Nanri
Staz's little sister. She always wears a mask. She runs Hell's prison, “Liz's Toybox”, and she holds the special right to imprison and punish Hell's criminals. She has a loving respect for her eldest brother, Bloods, but her relationship with Staz…
Mimic Yoshida
VA: Kazutomi Yamamoto
He's a new member who came to Staz's turf out of admiration for him. He uses his power to transform himself into what he wants in order to serve as Staz's double in his absence. He gets carried away easily and goes along with others.


Blood Charlie Staz
Ryota Ohsaka
Fuyumi Yanagi
Iori Nomizu
Takuma Terashima
Hydra Belle
Emi Sarah Bridcut
Blood D Bloods
Ryohei Kimura
Blood T Liz
Yuuka Nanri
Chiwa Saito
Taichi Komesu
Mimic Yoshida
Kazutomi Yamamoto
Kōji Yusa


Shigeyuki Miya
Series Composition
Takeshi Konuta
Character Design
Kenji Fujisaki
Prop Design
Yoshinari Saito
Chief Animation Director
Kenji Fujisaki
Art Setting
Art Director
Toshiyuki Sakae
(Art Team Convoy)
Masaki Mayuzumi
(Studio Jack)
Color Design
Sakiko Ito
Yasutaka Ikeda
Director of Photography
Shinichiro Tate
Yuuki Hayashi
Sound Director
Satoki Iida
Animation Production
Brains Base
Sound Production
Flying Dog
OP Theme
ED Theme
Yuuka Nanri
“Bloody Holic”

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