Anime Spotlight - Problem children are coming from another world, aren't they?

by Justin Sevakis,

January, 2013 (Japanese Premiere)

Key Staff

Chief Director - Keizou Kusakawa
    (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Series)
Director - Yasutaka Yamamoto
    (Squid Girl)
Series Composition - Noboru Kimura
    (Amagami SS+ plus, Nyaruko-san: Another Crawling Chaos)
Character Design - Naomi Ide
    (Chief Animation Director (Assistant) of “Astarotte's Toy”, Key Animation for “Campione!”)
Animation Production


An exciting fantasy tale caused by the extremely lovable Black Rabbit and the world's greatest problem children summoned from another world!

Sneaker Bunko's popular battle fantasy is getting animated!!

Problem children are coming from another world, aren't they?” is a hit light novel series published in Sneaker Bunko, a publisher greeting its 25th anniversary in 2013.

Written by Tarō Tatsunoko and Illustrated by Yuu Amano, this battle fantasy in another world is getting its long-awaited anime! Three problem children: Sakamaki Izayoi, Kudou Asuka, and Kasukabe You, are suddenly summoned to another world known as “Miniature Garden”. Together with their summoner, Black Rabbit, the three of them set on their new adventure full of battles, laughs, and sexy moments!


One day, Sakamaki Izayoi, a boy who was tired of his world, received a single invitation, reading “Abandon all, and come to 'Miniature Garden'”.

But the moment he opened that letter, he found himself in a completely different world! Around him was a quiet girl with a cat, Kasukabe You, a domineering rich girl, Kudou Asuka, and the one who summoned them, Black Rabbit.

As Black Rabbit tried to explain the rules of the Minature Garden, Izayoi decided to try and defeat the Demon King!? Without anyone even asking him to!! And thus, the three problem children set out to challenge the Demon King in order to rebuild the small community, “No Name”.


Sakamaki Izayoi
VA: Shintarō Asanuma
Problem Child 1— An arrogant young boy who tries to solve everything with his fists. He posses the gift called “Code: Unknown”.
Black Rabbit
VA: Iori Nomizu
A black rabbit with perfect looks, and a devoted yet simple and indomitable personality. She is the one who summoned the problem children to her world.
Kudou Asuka
VA: Bridcut Sarah Emi
Problem Child 2- A beautiful, rich young lady. She is capable of manipulating others with her spoken words.

Kasukabe You
VA: Megumi Nakajima
Problem Child 3— A quiet young girl with the gift of speaking to animals.

Jin Russel
VA: Hiromi Igarashi
At 11 years old, he's the oldest of the kids left in “No Name”. He helped maintain the community even after its decay.

VA: Shiori Mikami
A cute young girl with fox ears and two tails. She's one of “No Name”'s older members, like Jin , and she takes care of the community's children.
VA: Satomi Arai
Leader of the community, “Thousand Eyes”. She's a celestial spirit of winter nights, and she holds a great deal of power, But she often uses it for sexual pranks on cute girls like Black Rabbit…


Izayoi Sakamaki
Shintarō Asanuma
Black Rabbit
Iori Nomizu
Asuka Kudou
Sarah Emi Bridcut
You Kusakabe
Megumi Nakajima
Jin Russel
Hiromi Igarashi
Shiori Kikami
Satomi Arai


Tarō Tatsunoko
Original Illustration
Yuu Amano
(Vol 1-5 on sale now from
Sneaker Bunko! (Ongoing))
Chief Director
Keizou Kusakawa
Yasutaka Yamamoto
Series Composition
Noboru Kimura
Character Design
Naomi Ide
Creature Design
Masakazu Ishikawa
Prop Design
Kenji Masuda
Color Setting
Makiko Kojima
Art Director
Kunihiko Inada
Director of Photography
Yasuyuki Ito
Yuuji Oka
Shirou Hamaguchi
Music Production
Flying Dog
Nippon Columbia
Sound Director
Kazuya Tanaka
Sound Effects
Emi Takanashi
Recording Studio
Victor Studio
Yoko Nakano
Sound Production
Dax Production
Opening Theme
“Black ☨ White”
by Iori Nomizu (Flying Dog)
Ending Theme
“To Be Continued?”
by Kaori Sadohara (Nippon Columbia)
Animation Production

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