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Anime Spotlight - ISUCA

by Anthony Foronda,
Broadcast Begins January 23 (JST)

Key Staff

Director: Akira Iwanaga
(Tegami Bachi )
Series Composition: Masashi Suzuki
(Rail Wars!, Shuffle!)
Character Design: Yukiko Akiyama
(Black Cat, Yumeiro Pâtissière)


Clash (love).


Shinichiro Asano is a poor student that ends up working as a housekeeper for the old Shimazu clan at their family estate, and meets a brash, selfish, beautiful girl named Sakuya there. She turns out to be the master of the Shimazu style Spirit Archer Spells who uses her skills to work as an apparitions-hunter, and the 37th clan master for the famed Shimazu clan.

Shinichiro gets gradually roped into Sakuya's fights against the apparitions as she tosses him around, but it seems that his meeting her was not a coincidence –!?

ISUCA, the school pretty-girl exorcism action that is a tremendously popular series in Monthly Young Ace will be an anime in 2015 brought to you by Arms, the studio that brought you “Brunhildr in the Darkness”, “Queen's Blade”, “Maoyū Maō Yūsha”, and “Hyakka Ryōran Samurai Girls”!

It begins from the girl's “true name."


Sakuya Shimazu
VA:Ibuki Kido

Attends Shinichiro's school and is in his graduating class. At school, she acts the prim and proper well-to-do girl, but in reality she hates losing, is very selfish, and is the head of the Shimazu clan that defeats apparitions for a living. She comes across Shinichiro during an apparition hunt, but when she does, he sees her “true name” that is basically the life of a spellcaster. As her curves are not well-developed, she has an inferiority complex regarding her figure.

Shinichiro Asano
VA:Keisuke Kōmoto

The main protagonist of the series. His parents are struggling magicians overseas, so he is a starving high-school student living alone. To earn living expenses, he heads to a part-time job as housekeeper for Sakuya Shimazu's house at the advice of his teacher Nadeshiko Souma. However, upon heading to the Shimazu house, he gets roped into a fight with apparitions, and ends up helping with the apparition-hunting. Has the powers of True Sight, which can see True Names and allow him to rule over others.

VA:Kaori Sadohara

The monster “Two-Tailed Cat”. Saved by Shinichiro when she was about to be defeated by Sakuya. Shinichiro sees through her True Name, but accepts Shinichiro as her master and acts together with him.

Suseri Shimazu

Sakuya's cousin and candidate for next clan master of the Shimazu clan. A reticent girl that uses whirlwinds to fight apparitions. At first, she was interested in Shinichiro's powers of True Sight, but after contact with Shinichiro she gained interest in him as a person. A true well-to-do girl, so she sometimes lacks common sense. At times, approaches Shinichiro using her curvy figure.

Nadeshiko Souma
VA:Saeko Zōgō

Teacher in charge of Shinichiro's class. Seeing how Shinichiro is good at cleaning up, she suggests part-time work as housekeeper at Sakuya's house. In reality, she is assigned by the Shimazu clan to oversee Sakuya and Suseri. User of shikigami, and controls golems and other puppets.

Matsuri Souma
VA:Akane Kohinata

Suseri's assistant. Does all household chores in place of Suseri who has no knowledge of the world. Not that good a spellcaster yet, but can use healing talisman spells.

VA:Ayumi Fujimura

A mysterious girl holding a grudge against the Shimazu clan. Controls apparitions, and relentlessly attacks Sakuya and company.


Sakuya Shimazu
Ibuki Kido
Shinichiro Asano
Keisuke Kōmoto
Suseri Shimazu
Kaori Sadohara
Nadeshiko Souma
Saeko Zōgō
Matsuri Souma
Akane Kohinata
Yumeha Kōda
Sarah Emi Bridcutt
Ayumi Fujimura


Original story
Osamu Takahashi (published by KADOKAWA, Kadokawa Comic Ace, serialized in Kadokawa Shoten's Young Ace)
Takeshi Yasuda
Akira Iwanaga
Series Composition
Masashi Suzuki
Character Design
Yukiko Akiyama
Chief Animation Director
Ippei Ikkyo
Marina Sato
Apparition Design
Yoshiki Kuga
Prop Design
Haruo Miyagawa
Effects/Action Supervisor
Kōichi Usami
Art Director
Maho Takahashi
Color Coordinator
Hideo Kamiya
Filming Director
Kōji Tanaka
Takeshi Seyama
Sound Director
Katsunori Shimizu
Sound Effects
Takahiro Nishimura
Sound Production
Dax Production
Naoki “naotyu-“ Chiba
Susumu Akizuki
Music Production
Music Producer
Takefumi Kaneya
Jun Murakami
Opening Theme
Afilia Saga “Never say Never”
Ending Theme
TWO-FORMULA “Somebody to love”
Executive Producer
Takeshi Yasuda
Kenjiro Gomi
Animation Producer
Kazuyoshi Ozawa
Animation Production
Isuca Production Committee

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