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Anime Spotlight - Sound! Euphonium 2

by Chih-Chieh Chang,
On air starting October 5, 2016 in Japan


Sound these emotions!!

In the Kyoto prefectural contest of the Wind Ensemble Competition, North Uji High School Wind Ensemble successfully gained a gold award there, and now are going to challenge themselves in the next stage - the Kansai regional contest where many skilled school compete...!

TV Anime "Sound! Euphonium 2" on air starting in October!
And then, the next song is about to begin!


Kumiko Oumae (CV: Tomoyo Kurosawa)

Height: 162cm / Birthday: August 21 / Zodiac: Leo / Blood type: A / Instrument played: euphonium

Various turn of events led her to the euphonium, but through the auditions to be in the competition ensemble and the setbacks she experienced, she feels that she "wants to become better". Her relationship with Reina was awkward when school started, but they are now best friends, and they influence each other. Absolutely hates caddisflies.

Hazuki Kato (CV: Ayaka Asai)

Height: 155cm / Birthday: February 13 / Zodiac: Aquarius / Blood type: A / Instrument played: tuba

Kumiko's classmate. Bright, energetic, and has the sincerity to engage in everything with a positive demeanor. She wasn't chosen to be on the competition ensemble, but supports fellow ensemble members as part of "Team Monaka".

Sapphire Kawashima (CV: Moe Toyota)

Height: 148cm / Birthday: November 3 / Zodiac: Scorpio / Blood type: B / Instrument played; string bass

Kumiko's classmate. Attended a junior high that had a successful wind ensemble, and has confidence in her own playing skills. Says things very clearly, and has a firm character. Loves "Tuba-kun" and collects merchandising for the character.

Reina Kousaka (CV: Chika Anzai)

Height: 158cm / Birthday: May 15 / Zodiac: Taurus / Blood type: O / Instrument played: trumpet

Kumiko's best friend. She came to North Uji High School after Taki, the wind ensemble faculty advisor. She plays the trumpet with a feeling that she "wants to become special". She looks cool-headed, but has a maiden-in-love side of her much akin to a high school girl. Trying to shrink the distance between herself and those around her bit by bit.

Height: 171cm / Birthday: December 25 / Zodiac: Capricorn / Blood type: AB / Instrument played: euphonium

3rd year in high school, vice captain of the wind ensemble, and section leader for the bass sections. Normally acts jokingly with others, but sometimes shows her cold side to Kumiko. Gifted with both intelligence and beauty, she gets everything done flawlessly. Because of that, those around her treat her specially.

Haruka Ogasawara (CV: Saori Hayami)

Height: 165cm / Birthday: October 28 / Zodiac: Scorpio / Blood type: O / Instrument played: baritone sax

3rd year in high school, captain of the wind ensemble, and section leader for the saxophones. Has no confidence in herself and has an inferiority complex against Asuka, but now she tries her best to round up the ensemble as the captain.

Kaori Nakaseko (CV: Minori Chihara)

Height: 166cm / Birthday: September 3 / Zodiac: Virgo / Blood type: A / Instrument played: trumpet

3rd year in high school, and section leader of the trumpets. Lost against Reina in the solo auditions, but has no regrets and was understanding of the results. The adored girl of the wind ensemble.

Natsuki Nakagawa (CV: Konomi Fujimura)

Height: 156cm / Birthday: June 23 / Zodiac: Cancer / Blood type: A / Instrument played: euphonium

2nd year in high school. Tended to not be motivated and often ditched practice, but lately she practices in earnest. Though she was not chosen to be on the competition ensemble, she acts as a good senpai who looks after her underclassmen.

Yuko Yoshikawa (CV: Yuri Yamaoka)

Height: 156cm / Birthday: April 15 / Zodiac: Aries / Blood type: B / Instrument played: trumpet

2nd year in high school. With a determined character, she and Natsuki are like cats and dogs. Very fond of Kaori, and has butted heads against Reina during the solo auditions. Keeps a thought out for Mizore.

Mizore Yoroizuka (CV: Atsumi Tanezaki)

Height: 154cm / Birthday: July 2 / Zodiac: Cancer / Blood type: AB / Instrument played: oboe

2nd year in high school. Went to South Middle School, a school that has a very prestigious wind ensemble in the city. Reticent and doesn't change her expressions often.

Nozomi Kasaki (CV: Nao Tōyama)

Height: 159cm / Birthday: December 3 / Zodiac: Sagittarius / Blood type: A / Instrument played: flute

2nd year in high school. Just like Mizore, she attended South Middle School, where she was the ensemble captain. In North Uji, she quit the wind ensemble during her first year.

Shuichi Tsukamoto (CV: Haruki Ishiya)

Height: 181cm / Birthday: September 18 / Zodiac: Virgo / Blood type: A / Instrument played: trombone

1st year in high school. Childhood friends with Kumiko. Seriously works with music, as he practices on his own after ensemble practice is over.

Takuya Goto (CV: Kenjiro Tsuda)

Height: 185cm / Birthday: May 25 / Zodiac: Gemini / Blood type: A / Instrument played: tuba

2nd year in high school, and vice section leader of the bass sections. A gentle person that loves tubas. Currently dating Riko.

Height: 163cm / Birthday: April 23 / Zodiac: Aries / Blood type: O / Instrument played: tuba

2nd year in high school. Very gentle-mannered, she often calms those around her down. Dating Goto, and often teased by Natsuki and company as a result.

Mamiko Oumae (CV: Manami Numakura)

Height: 165cm / Birthday: January 25 / Zodiac: Aquarius / Blood type: O

College junior. Currently living in a boarding house to attend college, but often comes back to her family home. Used to play trombone.

Michie Matsumoto (CV: Aya Hisakawa)

Vice faculty advisor of the wind ensemble and homeroom teacher for Kumiko's class. The students call her "Instructor Sergeant", and always encourages the ensemble with harsh words.

Masahiro Hashimoto (CV: Yūichi Nakamura)

External director. Specializes in percussion. High in directing and communication skills. Friends with Taki since their college days. Always wears gaudy shirts.

Satomi Niiyama (CV: Houko Kuwashima)

External director. Specializes in flutes. In charge of woodwinds at North Uji. Looks like a gentle person, but her directing is very stern. Friends with Taki and Hashimoto since their college days.

Noboru Taki (CV: Takahiro Sakurai)

Height: 184cm / Birthday: August 23 / Zodiac: Virgo / Blood type: A

Faculty advisor of the wind ensemble. The ensemble members call him "Phlegmatic Handsome Devil". Being able to win past the prefectural competition in his first year of directing, he definitely has technique in teaching the ensemble.


Kumiko Oumae
Tomoyo Kurosawa
Hazuki Kato
Ayaka Asai
Sapphire Kawashima
Moe Toyota
Reina Kousaka
Chika Anzai
Asuka Tanaka
Minako Kotobuki
Haruka Ogasawara
Saori Hayami
Kaori Nakaseko
Minori Chihara
Natsuki Nakagawa
Konomi Fujimura
Yuko Yoshikawa
Yuri Yamaoka
Mizore Yoroizuka
Atsumi Tanezaki
Nozomi Kasaki
Nao Tōyama
Shuichi Tsukamoto
Haruki Ishiya
Takuya Goto
Kenjiro Tsuda
Riko Nagase
Miyuki Kobori
Mamiko Oumae
Manami Numakura
Michie Matsumoto
Aya Hisakawa
Noboru Taki
Takahiro Sakurai


Original Story
Ayano Takeda ("Hibike! Euphonium" series, published by Takarajimasha Bunko)
Tatsuya Ishihara
Series Composition
Jukki Hanada
Character Design
Shoko Ikeda
Series Direction
Naoko Yamada
Art Director
Mutsuo Shinohara
Color Coordinator
Akiyo Takeda
Instrument Settings
Hiroyuki Takahashi
Director of Photography
Kazuya Takao
Sound Director
Yota Tsuruoka
Akito Matsuda
Music Production
Music Production Assistance
Senzoku Gakuen College of Music
Performance Assistance
Freshman Wind Ensemble 2014
Music Supervision
Miyahiro Owada
Opening Theme
Ending Theme
North Uji Quartet
Animation Production
Kyoto Animation
Produced by
"Hibike!" Partners (Kyoto Animation, Pony Canyon, Lantis, Rakuonsha)

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