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Sheh's All That

by Zac Bertschy & Justin Sevakis,

ANNCast Episode 002 - Sheh's All That

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Welcome to the second episode of the ANNCast! You know the drill; Justin Sevakis and myself, Zac Bertschy, sit down and shoot the breeze for a while. This time we're joined by veteran voice actress Stephanie Sheh! This week we open with a brief chat about the new Avatar trailer (hope you like off-topic material, because there will be more of it), and then start gabbin' about Sword of the Stranger, which leads into a complain-fest about the lack of original anime out there.

Then Sheh comes in and it's all dubs from there on out – what's happening to the dub market, what dub fans should do to encourage studios to pay for dubs, all that good stuff. It's dubtacular.

You can listen to the show on our player here, direct-download the MP3 version here, and we're finally available on iTunes here (just paste that URL into your iTunes player). We're not quite in the iTunes Store yet, but sit tight! [Edit: We've been added! See the links below!]

NSFW Language Warning: we do occasionally swear on this show, so learn to love it. Also if you are allergic to Snagglepuss, be sure to skip the break.

ANNCast Episode 002 Breakdown

00:00 Theme, host introductions

00:37 A chat about James Cameron's Avatar trailer

02:51 Sword of the Stranger discussion

5:55 Stangant creativity in the world of anime production

11:56 Break! Snagglepuss murders a fairy and has you in his chocolate thoughts.

13:07 Stephanie Sheh introduction

13:19 Sheh on why there are so few dubs

14:44 The economics of dubs

15:32 What dub fans could do to encourage more dubs

16:24 Justin breaks down the cost of dubbing a series

20:10 Anime's marketing problem

22:50 Which dub studios are still around

24:36 There's less work, so what are the VO artists doing?

27:46 Cast fatigue: why the same 15 actors are in every dub

35:52 Stephanie's tips for working yourself to death

37:10 Twitter Questions: The Eureka Seven movie (which you can get tickets for here), the best anime directors who aren't Miyazaki, our dream ANNCast interview and pie, or the lack thereof.

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