Right Stuffed!

by Zac Bertschy & Justin Sevakis,

ANNCast Episode 018 - Right Stuffed!

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We kick off this week's show with a discussion of Honey and Clover, which apparently is more divisive than its timid demeanor suggests. Then - guess what! - it's time to put the loli argument to bed, preferably beneath 6 feet of dirt. Up next we talk a bit about last week's show and the response to it, and then a bit about Ponyo's chances at the Oscars this year versus a particularly stellar slate of animated films.

Then our guest, "chief guy" over at, Shawne Kleckner joins us. We chat about the retail market, the horrible weather in the midwest, and most of all, Nozomi's releases (including that inevitable question, 'to dub or not to dub'?) Then it's twitter time. Hooray!

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NSFW Language Warning: There's really not much swearing here. We really need to step it up.

ANNCast Episode 018 Breakdown

00:20 Host introductions, Honey and Clover

08:45 The 'controversial' Hagu, and the loli debate gets kaibash'd

10:46 The response to last week's Geneon show

11:35 Ponyo's chances at the Oscars in a banner year for animation

15:32 Break time. Santa? My pebbles!

16:03 Shawne Kleckner introduction and the awful weather in Iowa

17:20 How's business at Right Stuf? What's been selling the best?

19:50 The whole Nozomi dub situation

21:56 What does Shawne look for in a license?

23:09 How much of what Nozomi licenses reflects his personal taste?

27:19 The grim reality of low-selling series

28:55 The headaches of the Japanese approval process

30:05 How's Bluray doing?

33:40 Some shows just aren't worth 1080p

35:25 The most dramatic changes in the retail market over the last 5 years

38:00 Twitter time! The whole "Dark Lord Kleckner" thing, why Right Stuf is only spelled with one F, the profit margin of the bargain bin, Nozomi's predilection for slice-of-life shows, the evolution of the company, the whole dub-or-no-dub argument moving into 2010, chipboard boxes and the streaming anime business model.

And that's it. See you next week!

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