ANNCast Holiday Special II Part One

by Zac Bertschy and Justin Sevakis,

ANNCast Holiday Special II Part One

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The snow's falling outside, some guy in a parka is ringing a bell next to a red bucket outside the supermarket, America's soccer moms devour eachother alive in order to save $4 on a iPod - it's the holiday season! And what better way to celebrate than to listen to two guys jabber on about Japanese cartoons for nearly 2 hours?!

In this first part of our epic-length second annual Holiday Special, Justin and I are counting down our top 10 Anime of All Time and then pairing that with our 10 Worst Movies of All Time. There's banter! And some disagreement! Maybe a little mockery! We're also reading from the various and sundry Listener Top Three lists we got in from all over the globe!

In part II (which will run next week), we're counting down our Worst Anime Ever and Best Movies Ever! See how this works? HO HO HO!

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NSFW Language Warning: Wait for the worst movies segment, there's plenty of swearing.

ANNCast Holiday Special II Part One Breakdown

00:20 Our Holiday Special ground rules (listen closely!) and then Top 10 Anime - #10!

10:10 Top 10 Anime - #9!

15:55 Top 10 Anime - #8!

21:35 Top 10 Anime - #7!

29:00 Top 10 Anime - #6!

35:10 Top 10 Anime - #5!

41:20 Top 10 Anime - #4!

48:30 Top 10 Anime - #3!

50:20 Top 10 Anime - #2!

57:00 Top 10 Anime - #1!

01:05:00 10 Worst Movies - #10!

01:09:40 10 Worst Movies - #9!

01:14:50 10 Worst Movies - #8!

01:18:00 10 Worst Movies - #7!

01:23:00 10 Worst Movies - #6!

01:27:20 10 Worst Movies - #5!

01:32:20 10 Worst Movies - #4!

01:35:20 10 Worst Movies - #3!

01:40:00 10 Worst Movies - #2!

01:44:10 10 Worst Movies - #1!

And that's it! See you next time!

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