How's That Visual Novel Coming?

by Zac Bertschy & Justin Sevakis,

ANNCast 070 - How's That Visual Novel Coming?

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Well, it's been delayed a couple weeks, but our interview with John Pickett of is finally somewhat appropriate for posting!

First up though Justin and I chat about what we've been watching - from Working!! (also known as Wagneria) to weird old VHS releases to the numbing mediocrity of Hero Tales. Then we update on some recent charity events, including our appearance on the highly successful Anime Fans Give Back to Japan fundraiser last weekend, which is going for a Round 2 this Sunday, March 27th at 2pm PST with another round of awesome guests. Tune in and donate!

Justin also has some bad news about a Sony plant that was heavily damaged in the tsunami that could spell troubled times for the entertainment industry in general. Then it's Pickett time, who fills me in on visual novels, what sells, who buys the porn titles and where (the answer may surprise you!), what their business model is, how they decide what to license and just what the holdup is with all those Key games apparently everyone wants. It's all here!

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NSFW Language Warning: Not much this time! Glory be!

ANNCast Episode 70 Breakdown

00:20 Host intros, what we've been watching, Working!! and Hero Tales

09:20 Ongoing charity efforts around anime fandom

15:30 Sony's Sendai plant troubles

20:00 John Pickett introduction and what he does at

24:30 What's popular among visual novels?

31:30 How Mangagamer works, what their business model is

34:20 The giant disparity between visual novels and their anime counterparts

38:30 Does John get any weird otaku feedback email?

43:30 The stigma that all visual novels are just porn

50:50 Twitter time! The difficulty of licensing Key titles, what the cutoff is in terms of age for licensing a game, how much Japanese you need to know to translate and more!

And that's it! See you next time!

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