Gym, TAN, Laundry

by Zac Bertschy & Justin Sevakis,

ANNCast 097 - Gym, TAN, Laundry

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Up first this week Zac and Justin gab about stuff they've been watching, mostly the Phoenix OVAs and this movie Zac really did not care for called Loups-Garous. Also: Community might get the axe! What say we?

Then our guest Stacy Dodson, Executive Vice President of The Anime Network stops by to talk shop. The early days of the network, their streaming initiative, just what is their relationship with Sentai Filmworks (answer: don't ask!) and the future of the channel. And then it's Twitter time! Huzzah!!

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NSFW Language Warning: I'm not sure there's any swearing in this one! But you can never be too sure.

ANNCast Episode 97 Breakdown

00:30 Justin on the Phoenix OVAs

03:50 Temporary US TV chat: the potential end for Community

09:00 Briefly, the Professor Layton movie

11:25 Zac really did not care for Loups-Garous


17:30 Spoilers over

21:40 Stacy Dodson introduction and her early days at the network

27:40 The correlation between VOD numbers and DVD sales

31:20 The Anime Network's approach to new venues for content and what hasn't worked in the past

32:50 Their super splashy graphics and where those come from

39:20 How the streaming is doing and whether or not it's actually making any money

48:45 Twitter time! Website overhaul, working with companies other than Sentai Filmworks and more!

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