ANNCast Holiday Special The Third: Part Deux

by Zac Bertschy & Justin Sevakis,

ANNCast Holiday Special The Third: Part Deux

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You know that big pile of movies and anime you keep meaning to get around to watching but never do because something new and shiny distracts you? Some refer to it as their "pile of shame", some refer to it as "their Netflix queue", and we pretty much all have one. For our second Holiday Special, Justin and I force eachother to watch stuff that comes crawling out of those piles!

So here's how it goes: Justin chose 3 anime and 3 movies that I've never seen and I chose 3 anime and 3 movies he's never seen, we watched 'em all and then we talk about 'em on the podcast. Some of these recommendations were hidden gems, others gigantic mistakes, there's laughter and drama and pain and pretty much the entire gamut of human emotion! So get listening!

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NSFW Language Warning: Plenty of cursing, for auld lang's syne.

ANNCast Holiday Special The Third Part Deux Breakdown

00:40 An explanation of just what the hell this show is

02:00 Anime: Justin's first recommendation: To-Y

08:40 Anime: Zac's first recommendation: Macross 7

15:00 Anime: Justin's second recommendation: Angel Densetsu

18:00 Anime: Zac's second recommendation: Kimagure Orange Road - I want to return to that day

24:30 Anime: Justin's final recommendation: Windaria

32:40 Anime: Zac's final recommendation: the last 8 episodes of Wolf's Rain

45:20 Movies: Zac's first recommendation: The Fifth Element

50:20 Movies: Justin's first recommendation: Fish Tank

55:20 Movies: Zac's second horribly miscalculated recommendation: Observe & Report

01:03:00 Movies: Justin's second ill-considered recommendation: Match Factory Girl

01:10:00 Movies: Zac's final recommendation: Dazed and Confused

01:19:00 Movies: Justin's final recommendation: Central Station

And that's it! The show is on hiatus next week but we'll be back the week of January 9th!

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