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Back in the Saddle Again

Answerman: Back in the Saddle Again

Well, judging by the reaction I got from my readers last time, I don't think I'll be having more guest writers. You people really didn't appreciate the guest writer last time, so I think I'll just stick to writing this thing myself. Hey, at least I know I'm loved, right?

*crickets chirp*
*wolves howl*

Alright, fine, be that way. Here are this week's questions:

I recently acquired the last two Escaflowne DVDs, and while disc seven has another Club Escaflowne on it, the eighth and final disc has a few different extras, including a trailer for the Escaflowne movie. I'm probably just a little slow, but the trailer really, really confused me. It's in Japanese with subtitles, but the text is all in English, and at the end, it says "In selected theaters 2001." I find it rather hard to believe that it just came out in Japanese theaters this year, considering the series' age and the fact that it's already available fansubbed, but I also never heard a thing about a theatrical release over here. Furthermore, it provides the URL of a website (www.escamovie.com) that's run by AnimeVillage.com and that's not even launched yet. What's the deal? Is the movie going to get an American theatrical release?

Alright, here's the story. The Escaflowne movie came out about a year ago and was actually premiered in the US at AnimeExpo 2000 just days after it was completed (See? Another good reason to attend AnimeExpo.). Since then, it showed in Japanese theaters and the Japanese DVD has been released. Bandai has had plans for releasing it in US theatres since last summer, but they were waiting to see how the TV show fared on Fox Kids. Of course, it didn't do quite as well as they had hoped, so FOX yanked the show and Bandai got upset. Now, Bandai is back on track and plans on releasing the movie into theaters this coming fall. I guess the website listing on the trailer jumps the gun a bit - I wouldn't expect the site to be ready until the movie's release date is closer.

Hello again! Is there any chance Megami Paradise will be released on DVD in the states? Thanks!

Megami Paradise is a fairly old ADV catalog title that will probably be out on DVD sometime within the next two years. ADV recently said that they hope to have their entire back catalog on DVD by next year. If they manage to achieve that goal, you'll see Megami Paradise on DVD pretty soon.

I have been a fan of robotech since i was very little and watched it on all the old recodings of my friends. Since then, i got into all the Macross stuff, and got to wondering, In several places, it says that "Macross II: The Movie, Do you remember love" is not considered part of the time line for Macross, and i was wondering why? (Aside from Macross Plus making it look like it is out dated in the future.)

I think you're a little confused. “Macross II: The Movie, Do you Remember Love?” doesn't exist. There's Macross II and Macross: Do You Remember Love?, but nothing like what you mentioned exists. As far as Macross II and DYRL are concerned, though, Macross: Do You Remember Love? isn't considered part of the timeline because it's basically a reworked movie version that tells the entire story of the TV series with a few things cut out and a few things added in. It's a great movie, if you ever get the chance to see it. Heck, if you've ever seen Macross 7, there's a great episode where Basara and Mylene star in a TV remake of Do You Remember Love, which is the Macross 7 universe is a movie based on the “real” events that occurred with Lynn Minmei and the Zentradi.

Hey Answerman! I was just wondering if you knew if there were any plans to release the Kenshin manga here in the states, I'm a big fan of the show and I want to get some of the mange too, thanks!

Nobody's licensed the Kenshin manga yet but I'd imagine that it'll get licensed soon, so keep your eyes peeled for news on that. As for the mange, I've heard only dogs can get that disease, but I suppose it's possible.

I don't know if you've answered this yet or not, but I've recently watched Ninja Resurrection, and I could've sworn there were supposed to be 3 volumes to it. The end of the 2nd one definately leaves an open door to a 3rd one. However, i read somewhere else that it was over with. Whatever happened to the rest of Ninja Resurrection??

Everyone keeps asking me about this. There is no more Ninja Resurrection. I don't mean to be a jerk (Well, okay, so I do…) but just because something leaves room for a sequel doesn't mean there is one. There are two volumes, that's it. It's like The Big O - some stories end without much resolution. It's a style. I'm not sure I understand the obsession with finding out every last detail about every story… sometimes it's more elegant and thought-provoking if they don't do all the thinking for you.

I have a question for you. Is there a listing available that has release dates for boxed sets of dvd's? I know there are several good listings for release dates of individual disks but I have not been able to find much information about upcoming boxed sets - or is it that there are so few sets being released there is nothing to mention? Since boxed sets usually have extras and they tend to be less expensive than buying the individual dvds I prefer to get the set. In particular I am interested to know if Neon Genesis and Kenshin will be released this way.

Well, here's the thing with this. Usually the won't announce a boxed set for anything until well after the series has been released; that way they don't lose sales on the individual discs. People like to “wait” for boxed sets - they keep their money a lot longer and usually the sets are cheaper. Frankly I wouldn't hold my breath on a boxed set for Kenshin - it's going to be, what, 24 DVDs total? The Right Stuf might offer some kind of deal but I doubt Media Blasters will bother putting together a DVD set that should reasonably cost over 800 dollars all at once. Evangelion is another thing - ADV is not big on boxed sets and Evangelion is cash cow for them. Why bother with the boxed set when you can make more selling individual discs? They aren't trying to screw over the fans, they're just trying to make money. Anyway, you can check ANN's release date database when a Boxed Set is announced; but you'll need to watch the news to see if a set is announced for any of your favorite shows. They aren't guaranteed to come out.

I'm eager to find stores online (or through catalog) that sell Anime musical scores. I recently rewatched Escaflowne and Kare Kano and would like to play some of their songs, but they are a pain to find.

Originally I'd answered this question with a link to www.animnenation.com, where you can buy “real” imported CD versions of these scores. Herself the Elf pointed out to me that I'd managed to misread the question; this person is asking about musical scores, not CDs. Anyway, I've heard that there are places online that allow you to download sheet music for a lot of Yoko Kanno's Escaflowne music, but I've never seen any Kare Kano sheet music. Try Google or Anipike when searching for the Escaflowne sheet music but you may have trouble finding the Kare Kano music – you could always do what my colleague Wayne does, and write the sheet music for it yourself!

    Hows it going? i have a quick question, have you heard anything on Yu Yu Hakusho being licensed?

Yep. Yuu Yuu Hakusho was recently licensed by Funimation for a Dragon Ball-style TV showing. Should be on TV sometime soon.

I'm planning on buying the Rurouni Kenshin DVD discs (24 discs by September of next year which I estimate will be finished) I was wondering when I should buy the OVA series DVD already released by ADV and the Rurouni Kenshin movie. Should I buy the Rurouni Kenshin movie about halfway through the 96 episode series? I don't want to spoil the story for myself.

Don't worry about the movie spoiling anything for you. It's a self-contained story. If you want to pick nits (And most of you do…) then you should probably wait until after you see the Kyoto arc. As for the OVAs, I always thought that you'd get more out of it if you watch them after you've seen the completed series. Since they take place before the series actually happens, but uses characters that you don't know about until later in the TV series, again, you may want to wait until after you're done with the Kyoto arc.

Dear Answerman,

Do you have any idea when or if Gainax's weird new OAV series, FLCL (furikuri) will be released in the united states? Has anyone brought the rights to the series yet? Also, when OAVs like FLCL are released here, is it likely they will come out on a single disc like the Tenchi OAVs or individually for each 1/2 hour episode, like they do in Japan? Secondly, do you know if Gainax plans to make more than 6 episodes? Also, I've heard that the japanese DVDs of episodes 2 and upward were released with english subtitles, and if so, is there any hope that episode 1 will have english subtitles on future printings? I'm going to Japan this summer, and I'm trying to decide whether I should get FLCL while I'm there or wait for it to come out here.

Arigatou gozaimasu,

FLCL has been “licensed” by Synch-Point, who's distributing it for Production I.G They're aiming for a late 2001 release. They're also talking about more than one episode per disc- probably two. Gainax currently has no plans to continue the series. So, basically, there's no need to import the series.

And that's all for this week. See y'all next Wednesday.

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