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Mrs. Answerman

Answerman here. It's been a busy week, so I'm having my lovely and talented other half, Mrs. Answerman, write the column this week. She knows just as much about this crap as I do, so don't think you have to take it easy on her. Let 'er rip.

Yo! Oh…this is his greeting…well too bad! Mine now. Anyways, unlike my significant other, I will answer any Sailor Moon questions you guys have out there. Don't all start cheering yet, I won't answer about whether or not Sailor Moon Stars will be licensed.

Do you know if the anime for Hunter x Hunter will be brought commercially to the US?
I just watched the first episode of this anime and it was pretty good.

Nope, it hasn't been licensed yet, but hopefully will be soon ^^. It seems to be pretty popular over in Japan, but that (as we all know) does not guarantee a show for America.

Hey Answerman,

I was wondering, has the Zone of the Enders anime been licensed?

Thanks, Cgoten12

Yep, ADV snagged this one from the rest of the companies.

I have seen a few of the Hong Kong dvds and found a rather annoying factor for myself.

The ones in question are Comic Party and To Heart.

Ok so theese are made by chinese so I could understand if the english translation isn't perfect.

But do you have any idea why they change the characters name so drastically.

I believe they refer to Hiro-yuki as Xuan. And its rather grating to see them subtitling this person with a long name to something thats much shorter and has no apperent reason nor sounds remotely close..

The only explanation i could think of is that the names were changed in a version of the comics that was released in China.

(Oh as for it being a HK-DVD, i'd gladly buy an american version but as i believe you have said prior. Comic Party isn't to likely of being picked up because of how it covers the japanese dojinshi market.)


I have no idea why the Chinese changed the names of the characters of that series.

Battleflag of the Stars

A ways back I remember hearing some Bandai folk say "ask about that one after Christmas" and I can't say I ever saw anything mentioned about it.

Has there been any information on this series being released in the US, or is Bandai still playing it quiet?

"Morituri Nolumus Mori."

Sucks to say but, no release date yet. Sorry :'(

hey answerman. One question for ya. Have you gotten any word on if the Kenshin manga is going to released in english anytime soon, or if anyone has picked up the rights to release it???


Gah! See, Americans do not know good anime if it kicked them in the ass. So no, you'll be stuck looking for the numerous translations online for the manga.

i have a couple questions i would like to ask: first i would like to kknow if their are any plans to release the Cutey Honey Flash series to america. also i heard rumors that the Fushigi Yugi gaiden ova's are going to be released here in the u.s. by ADV Films. and my last question is, is pioneer going to release the final season of Sailor Moon here.

ANN Forum regular Gatsu has pointed out that ADV has licensed the New Cutey Honey Fseries in production in Japan, no release date though. Cutey Honey Flash hasn't been licenced yet. Pioneer is releasing Fushigi Yugi Gaiden OVA, no release date for this one either. And for the last one, BAD!! I said I'd answer legit Sailor Moon questions!!

There are reports from Coming Attractions by Corona that a tekken live action movie is in the works.
Do you think this will be a failure like the Street Fighter Live action movie was?

I kinda enjoyed the Tekken anime but I don't think that a live action movie will do the game series justice.

Live action Tekken? Are people EVER going to get bored with seeing people kick other people's asses around on the screen? If there is a live action Tekken, then great…more money for the starving stuntmen.

Why are shows like gundam and Outlaw Star almost heavily edited when it comes to guns and people being shot, but dragonball (which I'm sure is probably edited alot) shown with so many episodes have people shooting or implied being killed by guns. What is the logic. Thank you.


There doens't seem to be that much logic at all, in Kyle Pope's recent interview even Toonami's own Jason DeMarco Sr. answered that he didn't know why the editing standard for some shows (ie: DBZ) were different than for those they edit in house. But at another point he did possibly give a clue in this regards, "There is a sensitivity to the display of guns in a show viewed by children. "Blasters" are considered to be more of a fantasy type of weapon, like in Star Wars." Perhaps the energy attacks in DBZ and such are considered "fantasy type." And yes, DBZ is heavilly edited before it appears on North American TV.

Hopefully that works for everyone out there! If you want me to ever do this again, you need to flood his email account with TONS of email begging him to let me do this again. If I don't hear him complaining about getting so many emails, I might just let him suffer (and you suffer with him as well). ^^

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