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Ms. Answerman: Pirates of the Internet

by Rebecca Bundy,
I'm back! And with 10 questions too, just as promised. A lot of things went on at AnimeExpo2003, so if you weren't able to attend or missed certain panels, check out the News page and read through the con reports. I promised the folks at the ANN panel during AX that I'd start writing longer intros, but since there are 10 questions this time, I'm keeping it short. Enjoy it while it lasts!

umm, im a huge fan of the hellsing anime, and i was wondering if i could find the hellsing manga but in an english version. i know where to get japanese ones, but can you even get an english version?

The Hellsing manga, written and drawn by Kouta Hirano, has been licensed by Dark Horse Comics. The first volume will be released in December for $13.95 and will be printed from right to left. SO far there are only five volumes in Japanese, so DH will have to pace itself or it'll be waiting on the Japanese volumes within a year or so.

Hi! I am a big fan of the Eva series, and I was just wondering why ADV didn't get the rights to the movies, and if this will cause trouble in bringing the new digitally remastered version stateside. Also, is any of the cast/crew of the live action Eva confirmed (or rumored)?

ADV didn't purchase the rights to the movies because Gainax had a ridiculous asking price, and they probably wanted to spend the money on other series (They claim to have licensed 13 TV series for what it would have cost them to get the EVA movies.). For your second question, the ‘trouble’ doesn't exist yet since there are no plans yet to bring the digitally remastered version to the US. Finally, there is no official word of the cast yet. Of course there are rumours (the latest mentionning Daniel Radcliffe) but they aren't worth paying attention to. All we've heard is that the show will feature an "international cast." It'll be a while before anything is made official, and when it is ANN will make note of it in the News section. Remember, the Evangelion movie is in planning stages; nothing will really be known until they hit pre-production, which won't be for quite a while.

Hi peoples!
I'm a big fan of the Houshin Engi (aka Soul Hunter) anime series, and have read the first 5 manga scanslations online. Unfortunately, that's about all I'm having an easy time finding. I was wondering if there was at least some sort rumor of it being released in the US? *prays for it*
Thank you for wasting your time on me!

No rumors, no official notice, and I'm starting to sound like a broken record here. Since ADV has released the Soul Hunter TV series, they might consider it for their new manga line. If you can't wait or get tired of praying, I'd suggest learning Japanese so that you won't have to wait for your favorite series to be translated.

Hello Answerman/Woman/Cat (not sure who will respond)!
I was wondering if there were any compliations of
anime themes and music that have been released, and
where one might purchase said material.
I would love to have themes from shows like Trigun,
Cowboy Bebop, Inu Yasha, Yū Yū Hakusho, etc.

Tofurecords.com has a compilation of a few anime songs, but this is the only official collection that I know of. Rhino released a ‘Best of Anime’ CD a couple years back which I believe is still available at most Best Buy locations, but there isn't anything on it that's recent. ADV and Pioneer will be releasing anime OSTs as well in the states (Pioneer having released a few CDs years ago which are nigh-impossible to find now), so you won't have to pay an arm and a leg for the legal Japanese OSTs.

First off, I love this site. 2nd, I was wondering if there is a release of Di Gi Charat other than fansubs or the internet? 3rd, I know that Azumanga Daioh has been licencsed, when will the DVD be released? 4th, how many episodes of Love Hina and InuYasha have been made as well as both manga series.
Thanks for everything

Di Gi Charat: A trip to the Planet movie and Leave it to Piyoko! have recently been licensed by Synch-Point. Leave it to Piyoko! is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2004, along with the Leave it to Piyoko! manga by Broccoli Books.
ADV plans to premiere Azumanga Daioh on The Anime Network sometime this year, followed shortly by the DVD-only release. They've also licensed the movie and the manga, so you'll have plenty of material to keep you busy.
The Love Hina TV series has 25 episodes. The translated manga is 14 volumes long, with the final volume being released by Tokyopop in September. InuYasha's around 120 episodes and is still going strong in Japan. The Japanese manga has reached at least 30 volumes, with Viz having translated 14 volumes already.

Dear Ms. Answerman,
I'm a fan of Inuyasha series. I know there are two movies and a third
movie coming out in December. I know the second movie will be release soon in
Japan. I wanted to know if the first Inuyasha movie will be heading toward the
United States to be released for Inuyasha fans to see. Thanks.

Though nothing is official, the first movie will probably be licensed due to the popularity of the show. Movies have always been popular on DVD, but the recent surge in anime movies that find their way to the big screen will keep these movies in demand.

I've heard that, at AX, Tokyopop announced it would be publishing an
english-translation version of the Mahoromatic manga.
Any truth to that rumor?
-Jerry Campbell
Kirkland, WA

It is a fact. Since it seems that some people don't bother reading ANN's news, I'll list the other manga series announced by Tokyopop at AnimeExpo2003.
B't X
Get Backers
Psychic Academy
A.I. Love You
Fruits Basket

Hi. For the past year or so, I've been collecting animation cells. I am really confused about the numbering system that is used for cells. On Ebay (And Rinkya, and a number of other places), more often than not expensive Cells are marked somewhere in the A's, (for example, A1, A11, et. all), but that is not necessarily the case. Can you explain to me how the number system used for cells works, please?
Thank you very much.

The letters coincide with the layer of the cel, thus top layers are labeled A, second layers are B, and so on down the list. A cels are more expensive because they often work as a base cel. When a character is talking or blinking their eyes in the series, the eyes and mouth are on B/C cels while the face, hair, etc are on the A cel. Sometimes cels are stuck together, thus you might pay more for an A cel because there is another cel attached to it. The numbers are used to keep the cels of a sequence in order and should only be taken into consideration if you're buying/selling/collecting a number of cels from the same sequence. The first cel in a sequence obviously starts with a 1, while the last cel of a sequence has a number and ‘end’ written on it.
There are also key cels to take into consideration. Key cels are done by the more experienced artists and are rarely, if ever, done by people outside of the main production company. Key cels are the guide cels for the ‘filler’ artists and are normally superior in artistic quality to regular cels. Key cels are distinguished by a circle around the sequence number. Most of the information was found here: http://www.animanga.com/cels/info/cels.html.

Do you know if Cartoon Network has totally cancelled Inu-Yasha?
They no longer have it scheduled at all, and it's one of my favorite shows.
Thanks a bunch

Wow, this is a nice change. Normally people ask 'when are more episodes going to be released?' instead of seeing the glass as half empty and thinking that the show is already gone. To answer your question, Inu Yasha has not been canceled. More episodes will come in August. When it does start up again, you will find a very happy Ms. Answerman since I will be given a break from answering this question (for a few weeks at least).


I have a number of boxes filled with generic answers on little cards. If I'm in a particularly lazy mood, I'll drop Answercat or Answercat Jr. into one of these boxes and let them pick one out. Here's what they came up with:

To answer your question, there are 102 episodes of Kodomo no Omocha and yes, Flame of Recca has been licensed by Viz.

Hope that answers your questions! The kitties never lie.

There it is. 10 questions, 10 (well actually 12 since one was three parts) answers.

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