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Ms. Answerman: Missing A Beat

by Rebecca Bundy,

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After a little mistake last week when a 2-month old column was posted as a new one, here's last week's column, next week you'll get this week's column and so-on...

Do you know when all 6 seasons of Inuyasha will be out?

Sometime between now and then. Really now, I knew (as well as some regulars on the message boards) that I'd be getting a pile of Inuyasha-related questions, thanks in part to the end of the anime being confirmed. I was expecting “Oh Answerman, can you look into the future and tell us that they aren't going to rush the ending of the anime and ruin it for us?!” type questions, but this one is just as bad. They haven't even released dubbed versions of the last two-thirds of the series! You'll be waiting a few years before everything makes it's way over here.

Hello Ms. Answerman,
I just read Anime Insider, and it said there that Fullmetal Alchemist might become the next big hit in America. Do they mean a hit only with American Anime fans or that it might become the next Dragon Ball? If Funimation does plan on making it the next Dragon Ball, why are they showing it in Adult Swim? Adult Swim shows anime pretty late at night. It might become as popular as Inuyasha but not as Dragon Ball.

Fullmetal Alchemist is extremely popular right now in Japan as well as among American anime fans who have access to fansubs. Anime Insider's comment about it becoming the next big hit in America isn't comparing it to Dragon Ball, a series that blows all big hits out of the water. It'd be like comparing something like Moulin Rouge (a ‘big hit’) to Star Wars or the Lord of the Rings. FMA has 51 episodes, seven volumes of manga so far, and one movie in production. Dragon Ball has 400+ episodes between Ball, Z, and GT, a LOT of manga, 14 movies and two specials. FMA doesn't have the sheer volume of material to compete with Dragon Ball. A ‘big hit’ would be closer to Inuyasha's level of fame, which might've been a bigger hit if it weren't for the fact that many anime fans cannot commit to buying the entire series at three episodes per disk.

I had a quick question about Zeta Gundam. The box set was originally slated for a September 7th, 2004 release. However, about a month ago, information from Bandai stated that it would be pushed back to December, but there would be new box art as a consolation. But, this weekend, as I was flipping through the newest issue of Newtype, there was a small news item that claimed that the box set would be out in September.
Which source is correct? Is there even an official date for Zeta, or not?
Thank you,

Most magazines are sent to the publishers a month or two in advance. If information changes between the day the magazine closes (when everything is sent to the publisher) and when it hits the shelves, the information will obviously be wrong because they cannot go back and fix it. The internet, on the other hand, isn't hindered by publishing and shipping time. If you read (from a reliable source) about a release date changing recently and read something different in a magazine, your best bet would be to believe the more recent news.

Dear Ms Answerman,
I really would like to know who is the English VA for Blue from Wolf's Rain.
I've looked just about everywhere I can think of, but cannot find the answer. The Japanese VA is listed, but there isn't an English VA. I've heard, though, that the Japanese VA (I forget her name though, heh) also does Blue in English.
Could you help clear this up? Thanks ^_^

Mayumi Asano is the voice actor for Blue in both the Japanese and English versions, which explains why there isn't an English VA listed. This is the first time she's worked on an English title to my knowledge, but she has a decent resume as the Japanese voice actor for Hisoka from Yami no Matsuei, Claus Valca from Last Exile, and Haku from Naruto.

Dear Ms. Answerman,
I''ve been wondering...is there any connection between the Chrono Crusade manga and the Chrono Trigger/Cross video games? The title design on the manga seemed very similar to the title designs for the games, so I wasn't quite sure. Thanks a lot.
Alex B.

Chrono Trigger/Cross take place on a world very different from our own, involve time travel and a host of characters that, to my knowledge, have no connection to the characters and more modern/real world that chrno crusade occurs in. The original spelling of the Japanese title (Chrno) was done to separate the two so that people wouldn't confuse them, but the confusion has popped up again with the change in the English version.