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Astro Toy — Merch

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Astro Toy - Figma Inogashira Goro Extra Helping Version

A deluxe, accessory-heavy figma of a very normal, very hungry salaryman. He can smoke, too! ― Figma Inogashira Goro Extra Helping Version Series: Kodoku no Gourmet (The Solitary Gourmet) Maker: Good Smile Price: $80 Again this week, I have explaining to do. This whole article may be an excuse to just talk about the Solitary Gourmet. I am not ashamed. Kodoku no Gourmet is a manga about a traveling bu...

Astro Toy - Myth Cloth EX Pegasus Seiya

It's another visit to the world of big, heavy, construct-it-yourself Myth Cloth armor and the world of Saint Seiya. ― Myth Cloth EX Pegasus Seiya Series: Saint Seiya Maker: Bandai Price: $60 Hey, everyone! Who wants to hear about the behind-the-scenes of the column again? You do, of course. I had four things set to ship out this month, and last week all of them were pushed back to either November or...

Astro Toy - Figma Ryuko Matoi

David's back to the Figma line again, this time with Kill la Kill's hot-blooded heroine Ryuko. ― Figma Ryuko Matoi Maker: Good Smile Series: Kill La Kill Price: $50-60 After a little sidetrack into the unknown, we're back on Kill La Kill. See Nendoroid Mako previously. This time we have the figma of the main character Ryuko wearing her battle armor, the living, speaking, blood-sucking sailor uniform...

Astro Toy - Dynamite Action Big Dai-X

It's that special time of year when the leaves turn, the air turns crisp and brisk, and David reviews another extremely obscure and expensive giant robot. ― Dynamite Action Big Dai-X Series: X-Bomber/Star Fleet Maker: Evolution Toy Price: $130 I know that you're all looking at me like I've lost it again. I haven't topped Galvion for obscurity: I'm not sure I'll ever be able to beat reviewing somethi...

Astro Toy - Nendoroid Mako Mankanshoku

It's a Nendoroid of Mako from Kill la Kill! How can you resist? ― Nendoroid Mako Mankanshoku Series: Kill La Kill Maker: Good Smile Price: $60 This is Nendoroid number 408. Last May, Nendoroid #300 (Miku 2.0) came out. So in about a little under 18 months, the line has produced over 100 figures! With that many figures coming out in so little time, I have found the quality is all over the place on th...

Astro Toy - SH Figuarts Naruto

At long last, David covers a Naruto action figure. ― SH Figuarts Naruto Maker: Bandai Series: Naruto Price: $50 Boy, here's an overdue one. When I started this column I wondered to myself “I wonder when I'll order Naruto.” Well, it's been four years since then and here we are. Speaking of which, Naruto is now a 15-year-old series (the manga began in 1999!), one of the only truly big international hi...

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