Tetsujin 28 Contest Winners

September 20, 2005

Tetsujin 28 Contest Winners!

1st Place - Liz Barillas
2nd Place - Patrice Coleman
3rd Place - Donovan Nay

1st Place Entry

Shotaro walked into the warehouse where his beloved Tetsujin 28 was kept. The only thing left by his late father.
“Tetsujin, I wish you could tell me about my father. I bet you would be able to answer all of my questions.”
Shotaro sat near Tetsujin and took out the small remote control box that made Tetsujin move. Suddenly Shotaro heard a gentle bellowing voice come out of Tetsujin's mouth
“Tidus... ”
“Tetsujin... you talked.” Shotaro was surprised. All the times he and Tetsujin fought against evil, not once has he spoken.
“Shotaro, help me find my brother Tidus. He as awaken.”
“Tetsujin, this is the first time you've said anything to me. How can I help find Tidus and how do you know he's awakened.”
“Underneath my metal hat is a device that can detect Tidus' signal, but you hold the control that activates me.”
“So do you know where he is?”
“The signal is weak; I can only approximate his location.”
“If only we had a clue to find the exact location. I have an idea.” Shotaro quickly left to search for clues on the exact whereabouts on Tidus. The only person he knew who might be able to provide the answer was Dr. Shikishima.
Dr. Shikishima was resting in his lab reading the newspaper and sipping tea when he heard a knock.
“Come in,” said Dr. Shikishima.
Shotaro peered in and asked his good friend if he could talk with him for while.
“Tidus!?” How did you find out about this?”
“I have my sources. What can you tell me?”
“Your father created Tidus before Tetsujin. He was meant as a weapon for the war, but your father didn't want his creation to kill people after thinking you had died during the war. He hid Tidus in the abandoned part of the city of Shinjuku in an underground lab located under an old building with the sign BD's Cafe.”
“Tidus must still be there then.”
“I haven't been near that place in years Shotaro. An old aide of your father's, Dr. Kei Kei was put in charge of guarding Tidus.”
“Thanks Dr. Shikishima,” Shotaro was about to leave, but Dr. Shikishima asked, “Shotaro, I would like to know who told you about Tidus.”
“Tetsujin”, said Shotaro with a smile and ran off.
In the night skies over Shinjuku, Tetsujin, with Shotaro on his shoulder, flew to where Tidus was supposes to be kept.
“Tetsujin, we will soon find your brother. I've been wondering, could you tell me about my father. What was he like?”
“Your father was a brilliant scientist; he created me to look like you because he thought you had died. He wanted to keep you alive in me. Just as you're a detective to help people, I help you to protect them. I'm able to talk to you because of that, nobody else can hear me speak”
“My dad truly cared about me.” Shotaro looked down from Tetsujin's shoulder and saw the building where the lab was suppose to be.
Tetsujin landed next to the building and let Shotaro down.
“Wait here Tetsujin; I'll go check out the place.” Shotaro took out his gun in case somebody unpleasant was inside waiting.
Cobwebs, mold, and a musty smell is what Shotaro found inside. Shotaro took out a mini flashlight to see when he suddenly saw a cloaked shadow running. Shotaro shouted “Hey! Stop! Or I'll shoot!” Shotaro fired a warning shot on the floor.
The cloaked figure stopped and turned around. Shotaro shone his flashlight on the intruder's face. It was a girl with dark hair and about the same age as Shotaro.
“Who are you? Why are you here?” asked Shotaro.
“Are you a good person or a bad person?” asked the girl.
“I'm a detective. I'm Shotaro Kaneda.”
“I'm Vio. I'm here to stop somebody from causing another war,”
“What do you mean?”
“There's a scientist named Kei Kei, he's planning on taking over this country with some kind of robots. This café used to belong to my grandparents, but it was destroyed during the war. I don't want to see a war that takes people away from their homes and lives.”
“I see. Then I will help you stop him.” Shotaro put the gun back in its hoister.
Vio and Shotaro climbed down into the basement of the building. Shotaro thought to himself, 'My father appointed Dr. Kei Kei to protect Tidus. Now he's betrayed him and is going to use him for evil. I have to stop him and save Tidus.' As they approached their destination, they saw light. Shotaro and Vio reached the lab and saw a giant crablike creature with a mechanical mustache connected with wires in a giant glass dome. On the other side there were hundreds of duplicates with nuclear warheads strapped to their backs.
“Come on Shotaro, we have to shut the machine down,” Vio tugged at this jacket. Before they could move, a voice from behind halted them.
“Stop right there,” A giant bazooka aimed at them.
“Dr. Kei Kei I presume,” Shotaro glared.
“Glad to hear you know me, but even so you two will have to die.”
“You worked for my father and were entrusted to guard Tidus, how could you betray him!?”
“Your father... then you must be Kaneda's son. Your dad was a fool. He built a machine of great power and didn't even want to use it. I will put this machine to better use, as my army to take control of every government and kill any who oppose me.”
“You're an evil man Dr. Kei Kei and I will stop you and save Tidus!”
While Shotaro and Dr. Kei Kei were arguing, Vio loaded her gun and quickly aimed at Dr. Kei Kei pulling the trigger. But the bullet was stopped by one of the duplicates.
“Foolish girl! Now You Die!” Dr. Kei Kei aimed his bazooka at them when a giant iron fist crashed right into the lab. The impact knocked everyone onto the floor.
“Shotaro, are you alright,” asked Tetsujin, peering from above.
“Tetsujin! Perfect timing as always.”
“What's that?!” asked a terrified Vio.
“Don't worry, he's my friend, I used this remote to call him. Tetsujin! Tidus is being held captive in that glass dome.”
Tetsujin quickly broke Tidus out and grabbed him to safety.
“Come on Vio, we're getting out of here. This place is going to explode.” Shotaro quickly helped Vio onto Tetsujin's hand before getting on himself. Tetsujin activated his retro jets to get everybody to safety.
The evil Dr. Kei Kei regained consciousness and went to the control panel. “Everybody will know my wrath; I will unleash my army upon the world!” The control panel read ‘Danger’ and the circuits Tetsujin destroyed while freeing Tidus were overloading. Dr. Kei Kei laughed maniacally, pulling at his hair. “Mwahahaahah!! How could I be defeated!!?”
As Tetsujin flew to a safe distance a giant explosion was heard. A giant mushroom cloud appeared near the old lab.
After dropping Vio off near her home. Shotaro and Tetsujin returned with Tidus.
“It seems your brother was banged up really bad by Dr. Kei Kei, but I'm sure Dr. Shikishima can fix him,”
“No Shotaro. It's alright, Tidus told me he wishes to stay this way. Being banged up makes him look harmless and useless. Nobody will try to steal him again. He also told me to tell you that your father would be very proud of you. Just as I was made to look like you, my brother Tidus was created in the image of your father,”
“My father... Tidus, thank you Tetsujin. Tell Tidus I will make sure he's never used for evil again. I will honor my father's request.”

2nd Place Entry

“Shotaro-sama... Shotaro-sama... Shotaro-sama,” a deep metalic voice

A young boy, once in a deep sleep, shot up in his bed and blinked
madly. He
knew he had heard something. In shock, he swung his head up and down,
and right.

Nothing. But a dark space.

He tried again, this time squinting in his dark room.

Still not a peep. Or anything.

Not sensing danger, he proceeded to close his eyes and return to his
comforting dream.

“Shotaro-sama... Shotaro-sama...”

This time he swore he heard something. He was very tired, for some
so he decided to speak to the voice calling him on his back.

“... What? Who's there?” he whispered, wondering if he would be heard.

“Shotaro-sama. I am glad to know we still can talk to each other.”

Wait. Still talk to each other? What did this ...thing mean by still?

“Shotaro-sama. I know that you don't understand much, but please listen
me. You must wake up.”

“Wake up? From what? I'm up already. I'm talking to you, aren't I?”

“That is not the awakening you require. You are dreaming. You must
wake. I
will assist you...”

A movie of memories began to play in the boy's mind. A robot, a city, a
storm, a tree, an earthquake, a girl, people, buildings, nature, but
importantly, a name.

“Tetsujin 28...”


The boy shot up.

He felt pain.

He saw his bloodied, battered body and laid down again.

He felt the cool metal and relaxed.

The pain numbed.

A hand raised up.

A voice was heard.

Last words were spoken.

“Tetsujin 28, ohayou gozaimasu...”

The sun rose.

The boy died.

A tear fell.

Time stood still.

3rd Place Entry
A case came down dealing with robbers and of course they were wearing ski masks. But more importantly was the fact Shotaro didn't notice the robbery while he was across the street. He was preoccupied with a girl during the robbery. Tetsujin saw what happened while Shotaro was picking up this girls purse, that just so happened to fell from her arms after bumping into Shotaro. This girl was of brown hair and much taller then Shotaro, a good 3 feet taller than him. Shotaro was trying to get a date with her.
During the time Shotaro was trying to talk to the girl a small beeping sound occured in Shotaro's ears. It felt as if the noise was not coming from outside his ear but in it. Suddenly a voice cryed out inside him saying, "Robbers Shotaro across the street order me to grab them". Shotaro shouts out, "Who's talking to me?". The girl he was talking to looks at him weirdly, screams and runs away, not looking back at him once. Shotaro mad now yells the same question again. An answer is finally given, "Tetsujin". "What", the boy says. But you can't talk, this is impossible. "I am able to talk to my user after the user has used the controller for a certain amount of time and that user is you. Only you and you alone can hear me. Now give the commands for me to grab the robbers", the voice said. Shotaro happy yet mad about his almost date grabbed the controller from his pockets and punched in the key commands to grab the robbers three blocks away. He Sent Tetsujin, who was beside him only to impress the girl of how he fought crime, to jumped over the three buildings landing next to the car of the robbers. Shotaro then using the controller giving the orders to smash all sides of the car. If you saw Shotaro's face you could see the anger for the possible date he lost to regular gas station robbers. None of the robbers were hurt just stuck in a broken car, that's smashed in every direction. Of course, Tetsujin who been made to replace Professor Kaneda's dead son had a kindness to him. He asked Shotaro,still having problems with the ringing in his ear, if he could let them out of the car and just hold them high in the air so they couldn't escape. Shotaro's reply to this was, "Whatever keeps you quiet my head is almost dead".
Afterwards, Shotaro and Tetsujin began to talk. Most of the time it was the same question, "Why couldn't you talk before?". Same answer always was said too, "Because I wasn't designed that way". Life was easier on both of them from that moment on. Tetsujin could spread his kindness and Shotaro had a friend who could give information on his dates. When trouble occured each could give ideas on how to deal with it.

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