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Special Deal: Free Renta! Ticket

ANN Sponsor Renta! is offering a free Ticket towards digital manga rental to every ANN reader that becomes a new member before December 26 (JST)

Introducing Renta!

Renta! is a Digital Manga Streaming Store accessible on PC, iPhone and iPad.

Japanese Manga

Renta! provides many Japanese manga titles in both English versions and original Japanese versions. They have numerous genres of manga such as shojo, shonen, seinen, yaoi and more. Titles include Crayon Shin-chan (English version), Vampire Hunter D (English Version), Hitohira (English Version), etc...

Simple Online Reading on your PC, iPhone or iPad

It's simple to use Renta!. You can read manga instantly on their PC, iPhone and iPad. You can read digital manga in your browser without downloading any complicated software or apps (Internet access is needed). Previews are provided for every manga; there's no need to waste your money buying manga before you've had a chance to check out a few pages.

Rental system

Renting manga may be unfamiliar to some ANN readers, but it's extremely easy. With Renta! you can relax and read manga in three easy steps, renting the titles either for 48 hours or for an unlimited time.

Step 1: Become a new member!

Step 2: Buy tickets*

Step 3: Use your tickets to read manga

*For a limited time only, you get one free ticket when you become a new member! (Until December 26 JST)

Payment system

Renta! uses a "Prepaid Ticket system" as its currency. Tickets can be purchased by credit card or PayPal. The Renta!Ticket is like a digital prepaid card; there is no complicated payment procedure each time you want to read a manga. Once you've purchased your Renta!Tickets, all you need to do to read your favorite manga is click the "Read" button.

Get Your Free Ticket NOW


Note: 1 Ticket is enough for unlimited viewing of some manga titles. Number of tickets required varies from title to title.

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