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Anime Expo 2003
ADV Films panel

by Bamboo Dong,
At this year's Anime Expo, ADV Films held two panels, one on Friday and one on Saturday. The first one was hosted by David Williams and Matt Greenfield, who kept the crowd squirming by holding off their massive list of new acquisitions in favor of giving a brief run-down on upcoming DVDs.

Among the releases included titles like Angelic Layer, Puni Puni Poemi, Nuku Nuku Dash, Southern Cross, Prétear, Blue Seed: Beyond, and the highly anticipated box sets of Sailor Moon, subbed and uncut. For fans curious about the first title, they also mentioned that the September issue of Newtype will have a preview episode of the series.

However, the time finally came for the company's big announcements.

ADV announced the acquisition of the already mentioned titles: Kino's Journey, Slayers Premium, Gravion, Mahō Yūgi, Birth, Bast of Lemon (a Korean title), Mani Mani (Neo-Tokyo), the Azumanga Daioh movie, D.N.Angel, the RahXephon movie, and Nurse Witch Komugi-chan.

Williams also announced the creation of a new ADV endeavor that would be called ADV Manga. This branch will be dedicated to licensing and releasing manga titles in unflipped graphic novel format, at $9.99 each. Along with this surprising announcement, they also unveiled a very impressive list of titles to inaugurate their new branch, including Demon Palace Babylon, Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, Cat Shit One (an interesting manga about the Vietnam War told by cat soldiers), Darkside Blues, Full Metal Panic!, Ki*Me*Ra, Those Who Hunt Elves, Seven of Seven, Demon City Shinjuku, Steel Angel Kurumi, Azumanga Daioh, Demon City Hunter, the Rahxephon Bible, Najica, Gunslinger Girl, To Heart, Figure 17, and Happy Lesson.

As if that weren't enough, the panelists also announced the formation of another branch entitled ADV Toys. This company would be dedicated to releasing merchandise for popular series, with items like figures, wallscrolls, pencil boards, and posters.

The second part of the ADV panel picked up again the following day. Additional presenters came from Newtype USA and The Anime Network, including Chris Nelson, Kimberly Guere, and Leigh Williams. After a few questions from the audience were answered, David Williams announced the acquisition of yet another anime title, this time Sister Princess.

One of the major topics of the panel was yet another ADV branch called ADV Music. They plan to release three titles a month for $14.99 each. The CDs will include the same tracks as the original Japanese ones, with the only change being that the disc inserts will have translated lyrics along with Romaji ones. So far, CDs have been announced for the following titles: the Nadesico movie, Lost Universe, Onimishu 2, Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, The Slayers movie, Nadia (3 discs), the Nadia movie, Destroy All Monsters, and Mothra.

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