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Anime Expo 2003

by Bamboo Dong,
Robert Woodhead and his colleague represented AnimEigo at this year's Anime Expo, providing the audience with plenty of laughs and enjoyment. They didn't announce anything new during their panel, but they managed to keep the crowd entertained for an hour with jokes and anecdotes. The representatives humorously commented that they'd spend all their resources re-releasing every title multiple times rather than license any new titles, something which was greeted good-naturedly by the receptive crowd.

A few announcements regarding their upcoming releases were made, however. The dub for the Uresei Yatsura movie, Only You, is finished, so planning on the discs can commence. Also, the authoring is complete for the fifth box of the Uresei Yatsura TV series, which now has a release date of August 29. A release date has also been given to the Kimagure Orange Road OAVs and movie, whose subtitles were recently finalized. The discs are set to come out on October 10.

To coincide with the 15th anniversary of AnimEigo, Madox is in pre-production with a release date of October 24. Special features are planned for the disc, including commentaries and other things that have yet to be mentioned.

Woodhead also mentioned that he was going to release DVD sets of robot combat competitions. Known to be a robot enthusiast, he will release the discs under the AnimEigo label.

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