Anime Boston 2004
Manga Entertainment

by Mikhail Koulikov,
Studio Representative: Keith Burgess

Over the course of 2004, Manga will focus on three titles, with Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex being seen as their main project. As it is a co-production with Bandai Entertainment, both companies will be promoting the show. For its part, Manga is developing promotional posters it will make available in the near future. The other two titles set to be released are the 48-minute OVA Dead Leaves (dubbing completed and production will commense shortly) and the Street Fighter Alpha 2 feature film, expected to be released in the fall. In addition, new acquisitions may be announced over the next several weeks. Mr. Burgess also commented that while Manga is aware of compatibility issues between some of their DVD's, in particular Read or Die, and the Playstation 2, no formal disc replacement program is currently being considered. The compatibility issues have been resolved on the discs now being printed, and persons who have purchased defective discs are welcomed to approach Manga representatives at conventions and receive replacements.

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