Anime Boston 2004
Media Blasters

by Christopher Macdonald,
Studio Representative: John Sirabella

New announcements: manga – Kamanagura

As Mr. Sirabella has just returned from a trip to Tokyo, no new anime title licenses can be announced. However, Media Blasters has acquired “a couple” of new titles, several of which have not yet gone into production. Regarding manga, in addition to Kamanagura, a number of new titles (around 1 to 2 per month) will be announced starting in the summer, and overall, by that point, the company should have enough manga titles available to “last through the rest of the year.”

The American animated series Invader Zim will be released starting in May. The three volumes will include both aired and unaired episodes, as well as extras. A box set containing the three disks and an additional DVD of extras will also be released and the box itself will be sold as a stand-alone item. The anime title Weiss Kreuz: Gluhen (to be retitled Knight Hunters: Eternity) will be released starting in August. A box which will hold the volumes of both Eternity and the original Weiss Kreuz/Knight Hunters series will be made available as well. Although earlier indications were that the Weiss Kreuz OVA would be released as well, Media Blasters was not able to conclude the licensing agreement and it is currently not set for a Region 1 release. Because the character designer for the 12 Kingdoms series is currently having health problems, no more episodes of the series past the current 45 will be produced. A replacement program for Media Blasters DVD's that only contained a mono sound track will be implemented by the summer.

Media Blasters is open to developing other anime, live-action and manga products. Invader Zim creator Jhonen Vasquez was approached regarding the possibility of working on either an Invader Zim comic or animated versions of some of his other comics (Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Squee, I Feel Sick). However, Mr. Vazques is currently interested in pursuing other creative opportunities, including live-action directing. He does hope to be involved in some future projects with Media Blasters. The Flesh for the Beast graphic novel, which will feature work by two Japanese artists and one American, will be released in August, and a related animated property, to be developed by a Japanese company, is being considered. Media Blasters is also actively soliciting original comics and novels, with further details available on the company website.

Over the next several months, Media Blasters will undergo a restructuring. The new company structure will be announced by or at Anime Expo.

Further conversation with Media Blasters' Frank Pannone revealed more details about for their upcoming Flesh for the Beast anthology book. The 272 page book will have 8 stories and two covers, the American Side and the Japanese Side. The 7 American entries will read from left to right, while the one Japanese entry will read right to left.

American side

Becky Cloonan (Jennie One, Demo) (art)

Sixteen Trick Candles
by Rick Spears (Teenagers from Mars, Batman) (story) & Rob G. (Teenagers from Mars, The Couriers, Batman) (art)

The Best I Ever Had
by Steve Goldman (Styx Taxi, Everyman, Smut Peddler) (story) & Dan Goldman (Everyman, Smut Peddler)(art)

Night of Magic
by Terry West (director & screenwriter Flesh for the Beast, & comic Blood for the Muse) (story) & Kevin Colden (Mauled, House of Twelve) (art)

by Tim Smith 3 (Teen Titans Go! comic, Festering Season) (story & art)

by Mike Raicht (Marvel Age: Spider-Man, X-Men Unlimited) (story) Paul Azaceta (Captain Marvel, Spider-Man Unlimited, Namor) (art)

One Billion Bodies
by Nick Mamatas (novelist: The Urban Bizarre, Move Under Ground, Northern Gothic) (story) Adriano Eduardo (Mauled, House of Twelve, Small Clue County) (art)

Good Parenting
by Steve Goldman (Styx Taxi, Everyman, Smut Peddler) (story) & Dan Goldman (Everyman, Smut Peddler)(art)

Japanese side

by Studio Zombie (Tommy Ohtsuka and Yoshihiro Komada) (Slayers manga, X-Men Ronin, Hulk DVD extra)

An unnamed project
By Studio Zombie (Tommy Ohtsuka and Yoshihiro Komada) (Slayers manga, X-Men Ronin, Hulk DVD extra)

Flesh for the Beast will be released on October 27th (just in time for Halloween) and will carry a suggested retail price of $9.99 (272 pages, black and white). An 8 to 16 page ash can edition will be given away at the San Diego Comic Con in July.

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