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Pacific Media Expo
Nami Tamaki Press Conference

by Jonathan Mays,
Do your friends treat you differently now that you do work for anime?
The way my friends treat me is the same way they treated me before, and since I've moved to Tokyo, I've been living a normal life.

The singing industry is a competitive one. How do you feel about the pressure of competition?
When I'm singing, I just enjoy what I do, so I don't feel the pressure.

When you wrote the lyrics for the Gundam Seed themes, were they based on the story much?
A. The music I did for Gundam Seed was based on the story, but the song wasn't just about the story; they are lyrics that anyone can relate to.

You dance very well; there aren't many Japanese singers that can. Is dancing on stage exhausting?
The rehearsal was really tiring, especially at first. But when I see the audience, I don't feel so tired.

How does your performance affect school life?
It doesn't change; I'm just a normal high school girl.

Any musicians you look up to?
Janet Jackson, Madonna and Britney Spears.

How do you feel about being dubbed as the "Japanese" Brittany Spears or Hilary Duff?
I'm often compared to Hillary or Brittany, which I like, but I want my own name instead of just being associated with other singers.

When it comes to traveling, what do you when you're killing time?
I always listen to music wherever I go. If I don't listen to music for more than three hours, I start to feel insecure.

Who would you most like to work with?
Aaron Carter.

What did you think of your reception at the concert?
I was really happy seeing the reaction of the audience. I was also nervous, but I was happy about the enthusiasm.

Tell us about your family.
Mother, father, brother, sister, and I am the youngest. Of course, I can't forget my pets: a yorksire terrier and three cats I rescued. My family hasn't taken the full grasp of my newfound fame. Their prime concern when I go out is, "Don't forget to lock the door to the hotel room!"

About your tattoo—is that real or fake?
It's fake. The butterfly on my left arm is my logo. On the wings are my initials (N&T).

Do you watch Gundam Seed?
I've been watching it since the beginning, even before I recorded it. When I was asked to do the opening music, it was a surreal feeling, like here I am watching the series and now they want me to do the opening music.

Before you became a singer, what did you want to be?
I wanted to be come the opening dancer for the parade at Disneyland—and a ballerina.

With the success in Japan and US, are you ready to take on other countries in Asia?
First, I want to establish my grounds in my home country then move onto America. I want to come back here and perform, but I want to perform at my own concert rather than being an opening act. I've already made an appearance in Hong Kong.

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