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Anime Expo 2006
Seven Seas Entertainment

by Carlo Santos,
Panelists: Jason DeAngelis, Adam Arnold, Nunzio Defilippis, Christina Weir

The Seven Seas panel began with a summary of recent activity. After starting out with six original-series releases in 2005, the company branched out in 2006 with 25 titles and also began licensing properties from Japan and worldwide. This included the licensing of the Boogiepop novels and manga, as well as upcoming comic adaptations of the Speed Racer series and the Death Jr. video game. They have also released print versions of well-known webcomics such as Inverloch, Earthsong, and Chugworth Academy.

New licenses from Japan included two manga titles, Kasimasi - Girl Meets Girl and Kodomo no Jikan, as well as the light novel series Shinigami no Ballad. Other properties soon to be released include webcomic-based graphic novels The Outcast, Moonlight Meow and Hollow Fields.

With Seven Seas' particular focus on original series, some of the audience questions went into the realm of how a manga or comic is made. The familiar debate of "What Is Manga?" came up, with Arnold and DeAngelis stating that they simply wanted to create original works that showed respect towards manga, while also being entertaining. For creators who are interested in working with the company, their website offers an online submission form for artists, and the staff also looks through online portfolios and artists' personal sites regularly. Writers, however, are not being recruited at this time.

As the company continues to grow, they are also looking at multimedia opportunities such as music, animation and film.

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