Anime Boston 2007
ADV Films

by Mikhail Koulikov,

ADV Films held two panels at Anime Boston, both hosted by David Williams. The first panel, a 2-hour event on Friday, featured the first episodes of three of ADV's upcoming shows, with short Q&A sessions in-between. The three shows were 009-1, the second season of the Ah! My Goddess TV series, and ADV's one new license, Innocent Venus. This was followed by another hour-long session, on Saturday, of giveaways and answers to audience questions. Most of these had to do with release plans for ADV's current titles. During the course of this panel, it was revealed that ADV is hoping to have the members of the original AnimEigo cast of the Oh! My Goddess OVA series return for cameos in the TV series. David Williams, who ran both sessions, also mentioned that the three-episode Gainax series Re: Cutey Honey has been licensed by another studio. Finally, he was able to say that ADV is working on several feature films to be released to theaters, but again, could not reveal any specific titles.

Anime News Network will post a full recording of the second panel's Q&A period shortly.

At this time this report has not been verified by the panelist.

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