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New York ComicCon 2007

by Christopher Macdonald,

CMX Manga, DC's Manga imprint, did not have it's own panel at New York ComicCon, but instead shared a brief portion of the Wildstorm panel.

CMX will re-release the first volume of Gon in July, 2007. The 148 page volume will cost $5.99 and will include the color pages included in the original Japanese version. DC Comics has published already published several volumes of Gon under the Paradox Press imprint, however this will be the first volume undre CMX, and the first to include the original color pages.

CMX will release volume 5 of Megatokyo in late April. The 240-page volume will collect all of Megatokyo chapters 7 and 8 as well as some extra content.

After briefly discussing Megatokyo and Gon, CMX's upcoming releases were quickly listed, with the covers shown, although very few details about each release were given.

The upcoming, new titles, some of which were announced after the convention by press release, are:

I Hate You More than Anyone, by Banri Hidaka (July 2007) Palette of 12 Secret Colors, by Nari Kusakawa (July 2007) Samurai Commando: Mission 1549, by HaruToki Fukui and Ark Performance (July 2007) King of Cards by Makoto Tateno (August 2007) Presents by Kanoko Ikunu (October 2007) Venus in Love by Yuki Nakaji (November 2007) Tears of a Lamb by Banri Hidaka (January 2008) Two Flowers for the Dragon by Nari Kusakawa (Spring 2008)

CMX also showed the covers for Canon, which they first announced at NYCC 2006, but won't be releasing until April 30, and Apothecarius Argentum, which was also announced at NYCC 2006 but won't be released until May 16.

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