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Otakon 2007
ImaginAsian TV

by Evan Miller,
Panelist Justin Sevakis introduced himself before making a special announcement that ImaginAsian TV will soon be available from certain Comcast providers in northern Virginia.

Sevakis mentioned the deal iaTV finalized with the Japanese firm TMS to release three classic anime shows on DVD: Orguss, Nobody's Boy Remi, and Cats Eye. All anime is being released in double-thick DVD case format. The first volume will be released for $12.99, which includes the first volume and the case; subsequent volumes will be released in sleeves for $9.99 per volume. All releases can be purchased from the TMS website or Right Stuf.

Volumes One and Two ship on August 10. Pressing of the DVD will be done using “DVD on Demand,” since the shows will have a smaller press run when compared to other anime series. The Orguss volumes will include the previously released dub and a subtitle track, while Cats Eye and Remi will be released in a sub only format.

Mr. Sevakis fielded questions from the audience. Many attendees asked how they can subscribe to iaTV, while others asked questions about the live action movies the channel is releasing, specifically the critically acclaimed Journey from the Fall. Sevakis mentioned that a theatrical release of Journey has already finished, but the DVD for Journey will be released on October 30.

This report has been verified with a studio representative.

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