Anime Expo 2012
The Right Stuf International

by Bamboo Dong,

Panelist: Shawn Kleckner

Right Stuf's panel at Anime Expo started with a trailer for the live-action film Tazza, the High Rollers, which is being released under TRSI's Five Points Pictures label. Also available under that label is the romantic comedy Finding Mr. Destiny and the horror film Moss.

Afterward, Kleckner gave a brief presentation about their Right Stuf On Demand service, which will print manga titles “on demand.” This service will allow fans to continue reading titles that were discontinued by their original publishers. One of the titles available is Hetalia volume three, although volumes one and two were brought back due to demand. Also available now is the eighth volume of Bizenghast, and the third volume of Psy-comm. Kleckner urged fans to approach their favorite publishers and ask them to consider working with Right Stuf to offer their discontinued series “on demand.”

Kleckner then showed trailers for some of Nozomi's upcoming releases, including Dirty Pair Flash and Martian Successor Nadesico. The Nadesico limited edition set will include the TV series, OVA, and movie, as well as the Gekiganger 3 OVA, which is available in North America for the first time. Gekiganger 3 will be released with subtitles only.

In an effort to rebrand Right Stuf's home video offerings, the Nozomi brand will mostly focus on collector's editions of critically acclaimed series, while “budget friendly” editions will be released on their new Lucky Penny label. Three new titles were announced for this label—Ristorante Paradiso, Hyakko, and Aoi Hana: Sweet Blue Flowers. The series will be released in complete boxsets, likely in 2013.

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