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Katsucon 2012
Funimation Entertainment Industry Panel

by Crystalyn Hodgkins,

Adam Sheehan and Sarah Sullivan (who recently took over working at conventions for Funimation) presented the Funimation industry panel at Katsucon. Funimation started off the panel by reminding the audience that it has both a Facebook and Twitter page, and a YouTube channel with clips, full episodes, trailers, and archive episodes of a live show that Sheehan and Justin Rojas are currently hosting. Funimation shows are also on Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, the PlayStation Network, and XBox Live. Sullivan also mentioned the FUNimation Channel, and added that in many places the channel is available in HD.

Funimation's website also has many shows available on its website as well as trailers and clips, and a subscription service for $7.95/month. The subscription service allows subscribers to watch more series as well as episodes in HD. Sheehan also mentioned Funimation's partnership with Nico Nico to stream episodes as they air in Japan. Recently the two companies began simulcasting High School DxD.

The two then discussed a few of Funimation's recent titles, and for many titles the two showed English-dubbed trailers as well. First up was Heaven's Lost Property. Season 1 is available on BD/DVD combo pack for $64.98, and season 2 will be available from Funimation in the near future.

Next up was Rosario + Vampire. Both season 1 and 2 are available now on DVD. Sekirei: Pure Engagement is available on a BD/DVD combo pack for $64.98, and Funimation released both seasons of that series. Hetalia: World Series (Season 3) part 1 is also now available on DVD for $34.98.

Sullivan then talked about Yamada's First Time - B Gata H Kei, which is available now on a BD/DVD combo pack for $64.98. She then mentioned Sengoku Basara, and Funimation has released both seasons of that series on BD/DVD combo packs.

Sheehan then talked about .hack//Quantum. The DVD/BD combo for that series is available now for $29.98. Sullivan, who used to work in the production department, said that .hack//Quantum was one of the most difficult series she worked on. There was a lot of research that had to go into the translation for that show. The translator had played games and read nearly 27 volumes of manga in the .hack franchise in Japanese to make sure all the lingo in the series was correct.

Sullivan then talked about Princess Jellyfish, which will be available on a DVD/Blu-ray combo pack for $69.98 on February 28, but the series was already available at Funimation's booth in the dealer's room. Next up was Ōkami-san & Her Seven Companions. The BD/DVD combo for that series will be available on April 3 for $69.98.

Funimation then discussed Black Butler, to thundering applause. Season 2 of that series be available on DVD/BD combo pack on April 3 for $69.98. Next up was Legend of Legendary Heroes, which will be available on a DVD/BD combo pack on April 17 for $64.98. Part 1 and 2 for that series will be available on the same day. Funimation also mentioned that Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos will be available on a BD/DVD combo pack for April 24 for $34.98.

Funimation then mentioned the titles its releasing in February and March, including: a combo pack for Hetalia seasons 1 and 2, more One Piece, more Dragon Ball Z Kai, Chrome Shelled Regios, more Fairy Tail, and the live-action films Aliens vs. Ninjas and Confucius.

Voice actor and ADR Director Christopher Bevins then came up on stage to talk about some series he's currently working on, like Princess Jellyfish, .hack//Quantum, and Sengoku Basara.

Which segued into Funimation's first announcement. Funimation will be releasing the Sengoku Basara film, Sengoku Basara - The Last Party. Bevins will be writing the scripted adaptation for the film. Sullivan then announced that Funimation has licensed the science-fiction comedy show Level E. Funimation had no release information to share during the panel for the series, but Sullivan said more information will be available soon.

Sheehan then revealed that Funimation will release a mobile application. The app will be released for Android devices and iPhones in late March. The app will have both a free and a paid version. The paid version will have more episodes available, and subscribers will also have access to subscription videos. The free app will have banner ads and commercials, the paid app will take away the banner ads, and subscribers won't have banner ads or commercials. Funimation is also working on releasing the app for iPads and tablets in the future.

Fiunimation then launched into a Q&A. When asked if Funimation will release any of Bandai Entertainment's titles, Sheehan said that Funimation hasn't had a chance yet to take a look at Bandai's catalog. When asked about the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha films, Sheehan said that "there is no Nanoha in the future for us right now." Sheehan also confirmed that Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt will be released later this year, as well as new volumes of Hellsing Ultimate, which Funimation is currently working on.

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