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FLCL 02, 03 & 04

by Kyle Pope,
FLCL 02: Faista

1) Haruko's "Shit!" muted from the dialogue just before she mounts her Vespa and departs the battle area.

It would have been interesting if BS&P hadn't noticed that.

FLCL 03: Maru Raba

1) Ninamori's bare butt left in after she loses her shorts during the battle with Canti. (You have to look fast but it's in there.)

I'm inclined to believe that the steam effect during Ninamori's bath scene was digitally enhanced as well but I can't conclusively say it wasn't the quality of my VCR recording. Therefore I'm going to give CN the benefit of the doubt and call this one completely unedited.

FLCL 04: Furi Kiri

1) Completely unedited.

For an episode that was one long sequence of sexual metaphors both subtle and gross I am impressed that CN aired it intact. I suppose the fact that it was all metaphor gives CN an element of plausible deniability. On many levels this episode had more sex going on than the entire Cool Devices box set.

During the broadcast of episode 3, Cartoon Network stated that only episode 6 would be edited. I'm not sure how Cartoon Network defines an edit but to me changing the dialogue counts as much as changing the visuals. Since Haruko's expletive was muted from episode #2 there will be more than one edit to FLCL.

Kyle Pope

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