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Yu Yu Hakusho 17 & 18

by Mike Majeski,
17. Byakko's Liar

1. NOT AN EDIT – Kuwabara says “Darn” after getting punched by Byakko, it's actually the same on the DVD.

2. Byakko inviting our heroes into “My room of Hell” Changed to “My den of Fire”

3. Yusuke's “Give me a break. I guess Room of Hell wasn't just a clever name.” Changed to “Give me a break. I guess Den of Fire wasn't just a clever name.” Describing Byakko's Liar.

4. Yusuke's “Monster you piss me off” changed to “Monster you tick me off”

5. Kuwabara's “Yeah, I just got distracted because it's so freaking hot in here!” Changed to “Yeah, I just got distracted because it's so stinking hot in here!” after he almost missed a jump in Byakko's Liar.

6. NOT AN EDIT – Koenma's “I'm afraid all we can do is pray!” left in

7. Kuwabara's “All those freakin' blasts and you missed me every single time!” Changed to “All those stupid blasts and you missed me every single time!”

8. Kuwabara's “Now let's go to Hell together!” Changed to “Now let's go to Oblivion together!” after punching Byakko, sending both of them toward the pool of Lava

Well, so much for a completely unedited episode. Oh well, we almost made to the first commercial break before the first edit. I guess Toonami is loosening up a little bit, at least with the words god and pray. I guess this is a new trend, and I wont mention it again (unless they edit them out again)

18. Seiryu, The Blue Dragon

1. Yusuke's “You heartless bastard!” changed to “You heartless monster” describing Seiryu after he froze and killed Byakko

2. NOT AN EDIT – Seiryu freezes Byakko, and then destroys his body, ending with a shot of Byakko's head (complete with spinal column sticking out) left in

3. The frozen head of Byakko calling out “Seiryu... ” – CUT

4. Scene where Seiryu spits on Byakko's head – CUT

5. Close up of Byakko's eye tearing – CUT

6. Yusuke's “Good, As long as he kicks some ass.” Changed to “Good, As long as that dragon goes down.” In response to how seriously Hiei is taking this fight

7. Scene where blood drips from Seiryu's forehead (after Hiei's attack) – CUT

8. Scene where the bleeding Seiryu staggers back and starts to come apart – CUT

9. Yusuke's “Damn it, and here I could only keep track of seven or eight.” Changed to “Damn it, and here I could only keep track of seven or eight.”

10. Yusuke's “if you use those moves the next time we fight I'm going to be screwed!” Changed to “if you use those moves the next time we fight I'm going to be toast!”

11. Kayko's “Mr. Iwamoto, you look pale.” – CUT

12. The newly possessed Mr. Iwamoto's “I said you need to get some sleep!” – CUT

13. Kayko's “O-kay” – CUT

14. Scene where Mr. Iwamoto clinches his fist so hard that blood squirts out – CUT

15. Scene where Mr. Iwamoto attacks Kayko, putting his hand through a window – CUT

16. Mr. Iwamoto's “You've been spending too much time with that cockroach. He's made you bad. Yes, you will need correction.” – CUT

17. Scene where Kayko is running out of the school thinking “Something is very, very wrong here” – CUT

Now here's something unique. On the DVD, after the Hiei kills Seiryu, the Dialog Yusuke says “damn it” but the Subtitles say “darn it”. I know, it's not the first time that there was a discrepancy between the dub and the subtitles. I find it amusing that the Subtitles mirror the edited version.

Well enough of musings on the DVD... back to the edit. I guess you figured that I would talk about the cut scene where the possessed Mr. Iwamoto attacks Kayko (very perceptive). Without that scene, that part of this episode doesn't flow nearly as well. I mean, in the Toonami Edit, that one scene you have Kayko stacking fliers in the school, and the next you have her in front of the school, scared, and then confronted by a pack of the possessed. Most of the lines are just repeated from the previous scene (which wasn't even edited). Toonami probably thought it was easier to delete that scene, then to remove all the blood (which isn't all that much)

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